Thursday, February 21, 2019

Winter sowing

Kevin Lee Jacobs does this (

So I decided to try it.

First I bought a new mister...
I wanted something that I didn't have to keep refilling every 3-4th plant. This one also has a button that I can press and it does a continuous spray of a fine mist.

Next I got took an empty distilled water jug and put drain holes in the bottom and some on each side and a few on top.
Kevin used a heated screw driver, I used a drill

Then I cut the jug open leaving about 2 inches at handle to keep the two pieces connected.
I'm lousy at cutting LOL

Then I added 2-3 inches of potting soil and misted it so it was damp all the way through. Then I went and did something else to give the soil a chance to absorb the water before I planted the seeds. That's just the old me that doesn't want to plant is wet soil.

Then I planted it. This one I put brussels sprout in... about 5 seeds. Added enough soil to cover it according to the directions on the package
closed it , duct taped it (leave cap off)

Did 3 others, put them in a milk crate to keep them from being blew over and then tied the milk crate to the bottom of the fence to keep it from blowing away.

I figure in March I will start checking for "green"

What I planted
Broccoli raab
cilantro(which got knocked over into the sink so we'll see how it turns out)
snowbird pea
kookaburra savoyed spinach
red Russian kale
diablo Brussels sprouts
redarling Brussels sprouts
Philadelphia white box radishes