Thursday, February 2, 2017

Quick meals

quick meals  less than 30 min on the table... I make sure I keep the food required in the pantry to do this. I actually have a menu of these listed for me to see when I am thinking of eating out.

I precook ground beef, ground sausage(bulk) and ground pork when I bring it home. I try to keep 10 lbs of each in the deep freezer already done. I prep my veggies the day I shop or once a week so I am just grabbing veggies and not going: gee I don't feel like dealing with the carrots, onions and celery...we'll just eat out. I boil a few potatoes with skin on and then cool and refrigerate also. Doesn't take much reason to eat out..I will make taco meat and sloppy joes for the freezer also

Mac and cheese.Use small shells and boil in a skillet, less water means it heats faster.
 Can toss smoked sausage, ground sausage, ground hamb. ground pork or tuna. Mom used canned mackerel and canned salmon.

Tuna,mackerel or salmon patties, home fries and veggie

123 pasta(1 onion, 2 cups protein and 3 cups veggies usually leftovers with 1 lb of pasta and what ever sauce/gravy/cheese)

big egg (leftovers or what ever is cut up tossed in with eggs to make a fritta or open omelet)

omelets/fried egg sandwich/ egg salad sandwich

oven meal casserole (from my aunt when I got married, 2 cups of leftover meat covered by what ever veggie covered by sliced potatoes and some can of soup...she floated between cream soups, tomato soup and cheese soup cover and bake 20-30 min until hot at 350°)

hamburger pie using sloppy joes and instant mashed potatoes (pretty much the only thing I use instant mashed potatoes for)

grilled cheese (we change what cheese) and raw veggies.

grilled cheese with pizza sauce and pepperoni or some kind of "pizza" meat called Rocket Blaster by our school system.

subs or tortilla wraps with what ever we had on hand(sandwich bar) sometimes just scrambled eggs or a egg cooked flat like Subway does.

Rice or mashed potato bowls

nachos using tortilla chips chili and cheese

Chili over spag. for Cinncy chili


Soup either canned or leftovers tossed in broth (can add rice,pasta or potatoes if on light side)

Burritos (canned beans, sometimes add cheese or rice or both) Tostadas or enchiladas the same

Poorman's stroganoff  ground beef with cream of mushrooms soup and horseradish over pasta.

Breakfast for dinner...I am to make sure we have something for Hubby to pack as our dinner is his lunch to warm up at work. He doesn't eat sandwiches that much.