Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Saving money

 I washed the foil and plastic bags we used.

We ate leftovers .

I put water in the hand lotion bottle.

I put water in the dish soap.

I transferred a dish cloth to the rag pile at the paper towels.

I break the dogs dental stick in 4ths and put one back in the bag. At the end of the month I have an extra 10 days for them.

I called the hospital about my surgery bill. They said it would be sent out in April. So I left the medical money sitting in the savings. 

I sorted my seeds and listed what I was out of or low on. Found 2 places that had them then searched for coupons/ codes. Finally ordered them saving about 40%.

I started working my garden plans. We hope to finish the original plans this year so after this it's maintain or update.

We bartered asparagus plants (we are ran over with a 4 x 100 ft patch) with L and A for 5 gallons of beet this coming fall. 

We bartered asparagus plants and 2 prayer bushes starts (red twig dogwood Amish call pray bushes)with H and M for repair Son 2 dresser.

We ran errands before going to chiropractic. We dropped off deposit for E at the bank, then picked up 50 lbs of flour for M. Then went to Menards to get oak veneer, adhesive and stain for Son2 dresser. I got small bags of inoculant as my order isn't going to come in like they thought. I went through the patio section and saw 2 chair cushions for kitchen porch and a canopy with mosquito netting for the deck at French doors like what we were trying to find 3 yrs ago when we bought this home. We crunched numbers with the 11% rebate and decided with it already on sale and the canopy on clearance we could do it. SO we got that. The old cushions will go to the deck for the metal chairs we have there.