Monday, February 20, 2023

Trying to remember age of kids

 Hubby and I had a good laugh... Amish guy asked how old our kids were...

Daughter 1(late Husband's daughter) will be 51 this year, her 5 kids are 30 to 18 with 4 grandkids 5 to 2. She actually listed Hubby as her step dad on more than one thing.

Daughter 2 My daughter ,will be 44 this year, her 4 boys are 26 to 20 with soon to be 3 grandsons 7 to due in May. Her 4 yr. old grandson calls me spag sauce.

Son 1 Hubby's son ,is going to be 42 no kids

Son 2 My son is going to be 42 no kids  but his girlfriend has daughter that we claim that is going to be 14..better yet she claims us. 

Daughter 3 Hubby's daughter is going to be 40 Her kids are 20 to 14

Daughter 4 My daughter Hubby adopted, is going to be 40. Her kids are 22 to 16 and her granddaughter is going to be 3. 

THEN the guy just scratched his head and told us he thought we were in our late 50s... HUM. We get that once in awhile because of how active we are. 

IF you asked the kids how old we are, they get it wrong by 1 yr. Either older or younger LOL. 

At least we had a good laugh