Tuesday, March 24, 2020

heart broken over murders.

My day was stopped in it's tracks before out of bed.

Two 19 yr old boys(men) were shot in the head in their beds in their apt.  Both were friends with my granddaughter. Young men that ran in and out of my daughter's home like their were her own.  A young woman still unidentified was shot in the head on the sidewalk in front of the apt.

A young man (who my granddaughter does not know) went to the cops and said he was robbed in the hall way in front of that apt door by 1 guy he knew 100 % that had a gun and threatened to blow his brains out if he didn't give him his money and what ever drugs he had on him ( he had pot and he told the cops he how much he had) He was 80% sure of the guy that came up behind him and put him in a head lock. He figured they thought he wouldn't tell the cops they robbed him even after hearing of the murders. Broke his heart as he wondered if they actually followed him there and thought the 2 murdered would have more... they didn't even do drugs, he was just stopping due to stay in place was going into effect and wanted to make sure they had enough groceries while he was out getting stuff for his mom.

Triggered MY kids as they had a friend murdered who was not in to drugs or anything but his brother who was in that kind of world was in a territory battle with another drug "king" and he thought they murdered his brother to get to him.

HARD enough times without this on top of it.

None had life ins so parents are now trying to find money to bury their children when they don't even have jobs and can't get through to unemployment to file even online...