Saturday, May 15, 2021

savings and mortgage.

Hubby gets his monthly withdraw from his IRA on the 25th. I get mine the 15th. We get our SS on the second Wednesday of the month. 

Daughter 4 has 6 weeks to her surgery for her cancer, then 4 weeks radiation and 4 weeks recovery. So if all goes as plan August 20th she should be released to go back to work. Being that said, we have in our budget to support her until the end of Dec. We just aren't sure she will be able to work full time without causing more health issues right away. 

I do have $$ that is automatically transferred to savings from our checking at our local bank which is no longer a local bank but we can do the banking in Sidney when we go to chiro every two weeks. When that account gets to a certain point I move it to Ally. When Ally gets to a certain point I move it to a CD. We lowered the amount that we keep in our personal accounts and in our personal savings. 

Since I still had the paperwork from our old eye glass place I checked to see how much we saved . In between the two of us we saved $1600. That includes a second pair that Hubby is going to order. I couldn't believe he didn't get two pairs to begin with since he always has. Especially since he needs them to drive with. I told him to get the second pair and put them in the work truck.

I saved $80 on a Kohls order as they were the cheapest I could find to replace some dishes that have been broken (that I use often). 

Electric bill came in $33 cheaper than budget.

We got buy one get one off on our meal thanks to FIL savings was $8.

I added my CVS extra bucks and coupons used into the savings total.

I added my cash back from my credit card. 

We got the bid for the basement, Hubby added extra on as he is looking to do pour concrete for the entrance walls instead of block. J agreed that it was a wise choice and they figured up what that costs would be. Cheaper labor costs but higher material costs.

SO that means I can transfer what is NOT needed from the tax refunds and stimulus also.

Hubby thought to put it all in savings. I came back with half savings and half mortgage.

Hubby is one month ahead of having his life insurance loan paid off so has 2 months left on that bill. 

Since our mortgage interest rate is higher than the interest rate on my life insurance loan we are going to focus on the mortgage. As long as I pay the interest on the loan it won't affect my policy amount.

I paid just over $6000 on the mortgage. Put $3000 in each of our savings accounts.

Since we have a higher taxes withholding on our IRAs due to the business AND also pay our health ins out of pocket... we got more back than normal. I will be surprised if that happens next year as the deprecation on the trailers is pretty much used up for deductions and probably won't pay enough interest on the mortgage to claim that either. 

We are now writing down daily what we saved.