Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Frugal thoughts.

 Blank  mind HA HA. Sometimes it's just automatic to stay frugal. 

Another rainbow

We have seen more rainbows since moving here. HUGE so we can't get the full one in one pic. I love the violet.

Like today... we have a chiro appts. in Sidney. So we will pick up the saw blades that were sharpened that Hubby dropped off while running a job. We will drop off bubble wrap to the thrift shop that uses it. We will get our Covid booster. We will go to the store... I did that list yesterday after we figured out we had extra money for stocking. I worked coupons and sales together. This half need (ham and brussels sprouts) and half want. Our prescriptions should be ready so we can stop and get them and then go to Walmart to get my glasses fixed and Hubby get arrow aka bolts for the cross bow he got at an auction. E said the bow is worth about $1000... Hubby paid $25. AND while on way home we can stop and ask H what time he wants picked up tomorrow morning to go to Holmes co. Hubby is also bringing home apples after his hauling job this morning . He got them off the guy he is hauling for so no extra trip to get them.

The dealer that sold us the solar water pump let us know it was being shipped and should arrive by Friday. 

We harvested more potatoes, crockneck, zucchini and peas. Tomatoes are slowly ripening on the picnic table. I got enough ripen to make 16 pints of pasta sauce. That is done completely. Next batch (will be tomato sauce or juice), will be done Wednesday, as it looks to have enough turned for a canner load. I separated pears for pie filling (never have made pie filling of pears before) and just pears (which I have down off and on for years).

Hubby cleared more of the garden and finished harvesting his last 6 pumpkins so I have my compost pile back. NICE.As I've been putting the scraps around the pond yard part and around E's hay field with his permission. No squash seeds allowed  as his kids last fall tossed the pumpkin seeds in his hay field and now the whole acre is covered in pumpkins. Said he got enough out of the pumpkins at auction to buy the hay and seed for hay but barely and now needs to replant the hay.

Winter curtains are up, windows are locked closed to keep drafts down. Furnace is set on 65 during the day and 70 at night. Curtains open during the day will bring the house up to 72 to 74 as we get sun from east, south and west without the furnace running. 

Hubby got the lamp oil and filled the lamps. We have used the dining room lamp in the mornings. I try to have supper by 4:30 so we don't need the "light".

Dishwasher is ran only when it's full. 

We combined errands either when we are both going or when Hubby's work takes him close to what ever is needed done.

We made a list of meals we haven't had in awhile, compared it to the pantry inventory list and added a few more meals to use what we have.  

Leaving to run the errands.

Blessed Be 

Prayers for peace