Monday, May 7, 2018

daily tracking being frugal

April 30th
We had a slight frost,not the freeze we were warned. So I uncovered my plants and moved them back out into the sunshine on the porch.

Today I  start hardening off  the tomato plants I have raised  as we are to reach 70°.

I took the straw off the last of the strawberries and garlic, put it in a boxes to take to 209 to use there. Hubby spread it out in the barn so it can dry out .

Hubby took the flooring, tractor, and a small bistro table(we have folding chairs there and I would like a table to eat lunch at) to 209. He worked on the area that is fenced in to make secure for the dogs when they stay in the barn while we are gone.Decided on buying cattle panels(50 inches tall strong wire fencing) over feed lot panels( 34 inches high) which were only $1 different in price. He took a thermos of coffee and a wrap for his lunch.

I made creamy turkey enchilidas and no bake cheesecake pie using pie filling for topping ...pantry meal.

I signed us up for rewards from TSC as that is going to be our local supply store at 209 as the nearest Home Depot, Lowes and Menards are over 30 min away.

I signed us up for VIP rewards at Ponderosa as it opened in Marion and we no longer take Daddy to lunch(he gets confused thinking he is going home to his house). Since I know we will at least half the time end up eating out when we go see him, I figured it was best to go were we get a senior citizen discount and rewards.In warm weather I will probably pack a meal for us. Once we move it won't be an issue as we will only be 30 min away and can go home.

May 1st...May Day.... I harvested asparagus from 209 that will be enough for a meal for the two of us. Checked the rhubarb, should be ready Friday or Saturday.
We went to chiropractic then took things over to 209 and while there tested the fenced area at the barn for the dogs...Charlotte and Wilbur enjoyed it as both of them love a barn where the blue heeler cattle dog,  Rascal cried the whole time we were there even when he could see me...We still have a lot of fence to move and add before they will be safe to run the yard...I mean acre. LOL

May 2nd, My Aunt that my parents raised died this morning. She was like a older sister to my brother. Her own daughter is a year younger than me. With Daddy turning 91 tomorrow and having a viewing and funeral I know we will have 2-3 meals out during the next week so I am not planning to be  buying any groceries unless I need milk or flour tortillas. I had to go down to the Pain doctor (2 hrs away one way) and he is going to see if ins will approve for another round of injections as my hands are going numb in my sleep and I struggle with sitting or bending without a lot of pain.

May 3rd... I baked Aldi brownies for Daddy for his birthday gift. I had already used a discount and ordered him flowers with a ballon to be delivered in the morning. We stopped at 209 to drop off a few things, ended up answering several questions and since we mentioned we were going to the next town over to see Daddy, they asked if we could pick up a couple things for them and drop off on our way back... a couple items ended up being a lot more as they texted 3 times to add things (texted so it wouldn't interrupt our time with Daddy with a phone call). We dropped off everything on the way home. SO that worked nice, made a late dinner though.I did another harvest of asparagus and dropped some off to the people that sold us the house.Their patch from their previous sellers is only in it's 2nd year.

May 4th. We removed the trellises  from the gardens and staked some things I didn't want to forget to dig up and take to 209. We had lunchmeat wraps and aspargus for a late lunch. Not sure what we will do with dinner as the viewing today is 5-8. We might stop some where with Son2 who was close to my aunt and get some dinner if any of us feel like eating.

May 5th. Last night we didn't stop anywhere to eat, no one was hungry, so Son2 went to check on the VFW he is a board member and stops in 3-4 times a week to make sure everything is going okay. We went to Krogers since that was on Sunday's to do list and the weather is suppose to be decent we decided to go to 209 and do some cleaning up inside and out on Sunday (plus we won't be working around contractors). I don't like going to the store on the weekend but there is double fuel points and I can use all the break I can get on fuel at this time.

Hubby went to an auction to try to get a post hole digger with auger. It looked to be in decent shape. I moved all the potted plants back out from where we put them when the storms and high winds went through and put the tomato plants out to harden off also. Played outside with the dogs to help burn Charlotte's( 11 months) energy off. Sometimes she will wear out both Wilbur(7 yrs old May 3rd) and Rascal (6 yrs old March 4th) unless we get her out and start playing with her ourselves. The good news is I lost a size playing with her outside...the bad news is I lost a size and I lent my belt to Daughter4. I've already darted these pants twice.Hubby called me droopy drawers the other day and told me to make sure I didn't wear those pants out in public. LOL I will just go back to wearing skirts more instead. I harvested 30 lbs of rhubarb.

May 6th
We went to 209 and cleaned up the yard around the house so Hubby could mow (still needs trimmed)
I did some weeding and harvested 20 lbs of asparagus. I moved things they had gutted out of house (they are careful to not tear up anything as they are doing demo especially woodwork etc) that we might need later to the barn. We loaded the outside doors that we promised to give to the seller. The house they bought had solid doors for outside doors, no windows and no screen doors. Since we were replacing the doors at 209 we just gave him the doors. I see no sense of wasting them and he and his brother that is our neighbor has been helpful in watching the house and making sure no one is messing around that shouldn't be.

We ate leftovers and spent some time sitting on the porch just watching the birds and the dogs.

Blessed Be

I wasn't going to get much groceries

Milk, possible tortilla wraps...

then we checked both frigs and coupons and sales.... and Krogers has their double fuel points if you shop Friday.Saturday or Sunday... Since 209 needs mowed and the house and gardens need dealt with and it's not working well for us to do that with the contractors there... we decided to go over on Sunday and grocery store Friday after Aunt Carole's viewing since Son2 didn't feel like going out to eat either.

I paid out of pocket $94.41 and saved $50.59 on 36 items...only 5 of those items didn't have a sale or coupon or combination of the two.

I got the following:
chuck roast (coupon on sale) $2.99/lb 7.8 lbs $
coffee (coupon on sale) 4.99
bacon 2 (coupon on sale)4.49
coleslaw mix .49 ( coupon on sale)we also use it in stirfrys)
tortillas 3 (coupon ).99
psst tortillas Regular .89
old EL paso taco seasonings ( FREE)
Cremet Pasta 5 (coupon on sale) 5 lbs .49/lb (pasta now restocked completely)
Apples 3 lbs (coupn on sale)1.99
Romaine hearts Regular (bag of 3) 2.49
Mushrooms 6 lbs (coupons on sale) 11.97
Bell Peppers 6 (coupons on sale) 5.28
Shredded carrots(being lazy) .99
Avocado2 (coupon on sale).39
Ground beef 3lb (coupon on sale) 1.99/lb total 5.97
Psst bread Regular .89
Sub buns regular 2.89
Doritos chips FREE
Centrum vitamins for Hubby (doc prefers him to be on this brand) 250 vitamins (coupons on sale)14.98 
Liguid castille soap (coupon on sale) 5.99

Notice I didn't get milk because I saw I had one in the garage frig.

Good thing I didn't load up as I ended up with 30lbs of asparagus from 209 gardens and 20 lbs of rhubarb from here also.

Canning season as Hubby calls it has started again.

Blessed Be