Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Errands, family emergencies

We stopped to see Daddy and found him asleep in his wheelchair in his door way. Hubby woke him up and Daddy told us he had threw up in the neighbor's drawers. He was really upset he had threw up (I can remember my dad ever throwing up). I asked the nurse about it. He spit up at lunch in the lunchroom. He talked more than he had since Christmas eve. Could answer questions correctly except where he threw up. He mentioned he needed changed as his diaper was wet ... so they changed his pants also as he had some spit up on them that they had missed before due to being in his crotch. I tucked him in for a nap. I got a good hug and a kiss and a I love you Sis. Good visits are becoming very rare.

We stopped and visited Hubby's parents. His dad had been sick with the flu a week ago and was mostly recovered. They were staying close to home.

We went to Kroger's that was around the corner from them. Had a decent selection but check out was a nightmare. They are pushing the scan and go and click list. 

I got mascara , granddaughter gave me money to get blue mascara for my birthday. I had a coupon so was able to black also for $1 more. Then got a $5 coupon at check out off of ANYTHING because I bought 2. I also got nail file boards. Paid out of gift $ and personal money budget.

I got 3 boxes of dog biscuits. I get the small ones otherwise I break them in half. A box lasts a month usually as they only get 1 each night. ON SALE

I got 2 boxes of large dog dental styx. I break these in 3rd each night. ON SALE

Dogs don't get tartar and Wilbur doesn't have the gum issues as much that is common with boxers. Paid out of dog budget.

I got a package of 4 baking potatoes COUPON and a bag of red potatoes. Since our own potatoes went bad. I have some dried so didn't need much

I got 1 gal of milk since I still have 1/2 gal. I figured that would get me to Feb.

I got 5 lb chub of hamburger to cook up for taco meat and sloppy joe meat with COUPON and ON SALE.

I got 3 lbs of bacon for the price of 1 1/2 lbs with COUPON and on SALE.

$33.24 out of food budget.

It also made enough with the survey for Hubby to get 10 cents/gal of his fuel for the truck.

We got home, I made biscuits for the sausage gravy and ran the dishwasher.


Daughter 4 texts she has fluid coming out of her ear and it reminds her of the liquid off raw chicken. Tell her to go to Urgent care immediately. They sent her to ER. She had cerebral fluid draining due to pressure from her sinus infection (she thought allergies) and is on meds, after they cleaned her ear they couldn't find any more leakage but told her to see her primary immediately (see her after work and yes she went to work as she doesn't have medical leave at the new job yet.) She checked in at lunch and said she was doing better and had no more leakage.


Son 2 calls, he cut his finger while slicing potatoes and it wouldn't stop bleeding. Sent him to urgent care. He cut the pad off (will have to get new finger prints done at work after it heals) and they had to use silver nitrate to burn it shut. Can't use his finger for 10 days, can't get it wet either. He is single so dishes is an issue and he works in a office at a computer all day. He checked in at lunch and said it was throbbing but manageable and he put it in a freezer bag and sealed it to wash his dishes and shower. Like we did his leg when he had a cast up to his hip with a trash bag.


Hubby's parents let us know his older brother who was on vacation out of the country had flown in to NY. He was on his way to the hospital in OH due to having to have a catheter because he couldn't pee. He had prostrate problems before he left but thought he would be okay until he got home from vacation. NOPE.  They ran tests, changed the catheter and sent him at 3 am. He sees urologist at 1 pm today.

 I baked gingerbread cake. Frozen some of it.

I baked brownie cookie (Aldi mix that comes out at Christmas). Frozen some of it.

I baked cranberry orange muffins (King Arthur Flour mix) Froze some of it.

I baked eggnog custard pie. Hubby ate 2/3rds of it in one day. Must have hit the spot.

I am canning the last of the bean soup and freezing the last of the corn bread muffins.

I am canning ham broth and freezing the little bit of ham left.

I have laundry on the drying rack, dishwasher running, humidifier filled and spent an hour on the phone to get my biologic refilled in 3 month fills but was warned the computer might flip it back to monthly. My ins doesn't pay more than for 3 fills on long term meds so I will have to CALL to make sure it's done in 3 month fills not monthly each refill.

WHILE waiting for the pharmacy to pick up (on hold for 20 min) I down loaded paper work for taxes for our tax lady. 

How has your week gone?

Blessed Be