Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Frugal moments and this week's plans as Hubby fishes

Hubby is deep sea fishing in Florida. We live in Ohio. His Alabama buddy and him went last year as I paid Hubby's share of the trip as a retirement gift for him. This year his(our) buddy retired so another deep sea fishing trip. I can see this becoming a once a year thing as they have been good friends as close as brothers for over a decade.  They are being frugal with how they are doing this.

Hubby turned his Bunn coffee pot off since he won't be here making his coffee. That type of coffee pot is always left on to keep the water hot to make coffee in 3-4 min.

Hubby drove my car (25 mpg and not his truck which is 10 mpg). They are driving Buddy's truck (S10 truck 20 mpg) from his home in AL to cut the costs for Hubby. Hubby is using Gas buddy app find best prices for gas. He took coffee, water, apples and hand pies I made for him to eat while traveling. He drove through the night, less traffic, no rush hours of stop and go and very little construction. His buddy and him are eating bfast at Buddy's local restuarant that gives seniors a break on bfast.

Buddy has a "membership" to a hotel (a lot of his work he has to stay in hotels) and got a midweek discount. The $150 room  was gotten for $85 including taxes for them to split the costs. They are staying 3 nights. Included in the hotel price , is bfast including protein so they won't have to go somewhere else and pay $10 for bfast as Hubby would just skip the meal but buddy is a diabetic. There is a gym (buddy works out twice a day to keep control of his diabetes) and a hot tub (Hubby will definitely be in that).

Also they got a discount on the fishing boat by RSVPing before the open booking date. Saving $15 each on each of the 2 trips they booked.

Buddy took the fishing equipment so Hubby doesn't have to rent any.

Hubby took a "lunch" cooler and a big cooler. Big cooler will be for any fish brought home. Lunch cooler is they go to the store and buy their lunch and snacks. They will eat their dinners at a couple places that does senior citizen discounts on some of the meals.

They will be checking out the Market stands selling fresh produce on the way home.

We took the 3 dogs to the vet's. Wilbur had been limping last week, we thought just a pull or maybe arthritis.He has lost 10 lbs over the spring GO WILBUR. He is almost down to where he should be for his size but the vet was very happy with where he is. He was 150 lbs when daughter 2 had him. It was just a pull but does have arthritis.

Rascal had been limping, another pull plus he now has a fatty tumor (common and not cancer). He is holding steady on his weight but needs to be a little less as he is no spring chicken. He got his annual shots.

The "boys" need to remember they are not spring chicks like Charlotte and can't be jumping off the kitchen porch or out the French doors(since the deck isn't there yet) and run like all get out to see what she is running after or barking at.

Charlotte is good. A little underweight but that might always be due to Daughter 2 not getting her dewormed as a pup. GRR.

BEST of it ... I asked for 6 months heart and flea/tick meds as Wilbur and Charlotte aren't due for shots for 6 months. I figure we can cut toe nails ourselves saving $10 each dog (that's $180 savings total not counting gas taking them). The young lady took the time to figure out how many free ones I could get as it was buy this amt and get this free. She saved us $90 PLUS filled out and sent in for a rebate for us for $12 for us. They also waved the $25 office fee for each of the dogs because we got their nails clipped($10 each) Saving us $75. THE local vet here charges $46 per dog for office visit and $32 for toe nail per dog on top of the office visit AND the same meds were over $5 more per package. Well worth our drive back over to the old vet. PLUS here they only give 1 year rabies and our vet does 3 yr rabies for the same price as 1 yr. In 6 months I will have the money saved up again to buy another 6 months of meds and visit. NEXT time all 3 will have heart worm tests, Wilbur and Charlotte get their annual shots. Young lady gave me the costs of that so I would know what I needed to save up.

Hubby was given 2 gift cards for helping couple of neighbors that we used to eat out.

We decided to not go to the store this past weekend. I am going to chiro this afternoon and will pass right by a discount store that I want to check out first. Last time I saved over half of what I would have spent at Aldi's or Save A Lot.

I harvested garlic scapes. the only radishes that grew and basil from the gardens.

Plans for the rest of this week by myself

going to chiro and stopping at discount store.

planting more in the garden.

clean and repaint old desk to put in front room for my computer so clear the bfast counter.

change how the kitchen is set up to function better.

do the test paint in the mudroom

go through at least 2 boxes of stuff from barn.

AND do some cleaning and organizing.

How are you all doing?