Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Getting nothing done but spending money , reading new book

Our county health dept mailed these out to everyone. Mine is now posted on my door

I scanned it and sent it to a couple of friends that said their county health dept told them they wasn't doing that.

Work truck aka Ford in shop for tie rods and ball joints... so they checked the rest of the truck because Hubby hauls... needs brakes also along with an oil change. Chung $5000

Flatbed trailer was in for tires $$

New dog truck aka Chevy is in different shop being gone over completely since we just bought it and it is used. If needs more than oil change and fluids topped off our mechanic will call. $$

Quarterly taxes are coming due within a month.$$

Need more dirt, more paint for the garden boxes I am building ($$). I did find a total of 5 of the old sq ft boxes. Hubby checked them out and told me 2 need repairs and all need new string if I am going to section them off and we are out of clothes line (now ordered along with another drying rack so I can dry bedding in house without the dryer). I use clothes line to section off 1 ft sqs. He flipped when he saw all the pots and grow bags I had dug around and pulled out and put on front porch. Asked if I was hoarding pots LOL. Not really as I usually give back the pots after I plant when I buy from the Amish. Glad I didn't do that last year.

We decided that green house I thought would work is doable. ($$)
It will go on the south end of the barn where the sliding door is so when it gets too warm I can just crack open the door and the heat will go in the barn. ALSO I don't have to open an outside door to get in so there is no cold air hitting the plants. Water hydrant is on the on the other side by Hubby felt he could install the 50 gal water barrel we HAVE and just fill it as needed and then I am not dragging a water hose through snow. E said he would help with it if he has time. He has increased his gardens 1/3rd also at the request of M. Plus is putting in 2 more acres of feed corn. He is planting oats behind us. We might have enough stuff to build it and only need the plastic.

Larger garden,more seeds and plants($$) AND canning jars and food saver bags(jars and bags ordered) $$.

Is Hubby panicking? Maybe. Enough that he asked E if he could pay the land rent(he rents our back 3 acres) a month early (usually pays in May) but Hubby has the repair bill on the truck plus he might need tires on the livestock trailer and he has to pay for 3 inspections to finish his stuff for the state and work is to a crawl of 1-2 days and then maybe 1-2 loads instead of the normal 3-5 loads a day 5 days a week. I did cover his expenses for the year when we pulled the money, he just doesn't want to have to use it unless he can't cover what ever bill.

It seems like a flood of $$ going out the door, but the retirement fund has already made 1/2 of what we pulled out so that's good.

I am not panicking. I am not worrying though I might stress a bit about getting it all done without putting myself in the hospital. My moods are swinging right along with the weather and I miss my daddy so bad, grieving because I face I might not see him alive again since we can't see him in the nursing home. We get reports, got distant family and friends that work in that nursing home. He doesn't recognize us anyways... but still... Gardening has been what we shared and this spring is hitting hard of not having him to share it with. He was getting worse (dementia and not being able to eat more than baby food when this started.... it's only going to be worse by time we can see him.

Trucks and car need maintenance... granted I didn't think any of them would need $5000 in one trip but it is what it is. That's the truck that makes the money so it's fix it.

Changing how we grow and what we grow and adding fruit trees and berry bushes and winter green house costs money.. in the long run it will SAVE money and be healthier for us. I don't see me doing a recall on my own lettuce that I am eating.

Hubby brought home flowers along with a free pizza .
I am reading this book
I need to go through my seeds as he says what ones grow the best with how he is growing them. NO HEAT source which is a biggie for me.

As it is a rainy day I have several projects I can do ...right after the nap.