Friday, November 11, 2022

Amish Neighbor clothes line , death in family and good news


You can't see it but from where the clothes is hanging to the right hand corner of the porch is clothes line. M also has Sunday clothes (black) hanging on the porch. She doesn't hang black clothes in sunlight as it fades the color.

Yep, it keeps going  

There is about 20 ft before it actually stops. I just couldn't it in the photo. E said it's 250 ft from the porch corner to the top of the maple tree he hooked it to. I can tell you she has several lines up in the house, Dawdy house and basement. Family of 12 and washes every day except Sunday. She has 4 wringer washers, uses 2 for wash and 2 for rinse. Runs them with Honda motors. She has a small wood cook stove in that room (calls it the wash room) that has water reservoir to heat her water. Uses that stove to bake her bread so she's doing more than one thing at a time and not wasting fuel. Has done canning and cooking a meal at the same time. Talk about multi tasking.

Daughter's 4 biological grandpa died. We all will miss him but thankful God took him home as he has fought heart issues for 20 yrs and diabetes for 15. He was in so much pain and tired all the time. He served 21 years in Air Force and is being buried today on Veterans Day. We saw several old friends there that said they were going to come out and see our home... we both doubt that but it was nice for them to say so. 

Good news

E is coming over this morning to help Hubby get started installing the solar well pump. This is the last of the "grid down" stuff unless we decide to add solar for electric later. We have talked about it. Our electric company offers help on deciding on that.

We are STOCKED. I have 2 turkeys in freezer to can, and the kraut to can BUT WE ARE STOCKED. Dairy and a few fresh salad items.... every other week shopping. 

Probably will pick up odds and ends on medical side. I just stocked vitamins and toothpaste. Hubby said his scissors and forceps is missing from his First aid kit he carries. He thinks he left them on the trailer when he bandaged one of the Amish. He laid them on top of everything. I keep mine on the bottom as they are the least used. 

We decided we would MAYBE pick up G & R bologna if we ever go over to get a sandwich. It's right down from his parents but he is not visiting his parents as they have been sick. Texts daily, couple calls to make sure, checks with his one brother whose sons check daily as they go right pass the home when getting off work. Said they are not going in as they are not sure  what it was but they both had doctor appts. Doctor thinks stomach bug (I had it for a week and then took another week to recover).

We are done for this year on punch list. We will start back up next spring to continue's nice to take the break and look to see if we still want to change things like we thought when we bought the house.

We are a bit over budget.... due to $1800 in medical for Hubby over his gout. That won't be an issue next year as I will have the FULL out of pocket in savings by Jan 1st. I already have a CD that will pay for the propane, might have to add to it but we will know in the spring how much the wood stove will save us. Those are the two biggest issues we deal with. I will start saving for another car/truck since we know ours is dying due to rusted frame. 

I really hope we get some decent rain. Pond is getting really low . I am also hoping for a good snow fall this winter. Snow provides the water for our wells as it feeds the underground streams etc. Plus gardens do better when we have decent snow.

Blessed be 

Prayers for peace

Stay safe and well