Sunday, July 13, 2014

Best laid plans

The best laid plans... is when the produce it coming in, stop every thing else :)

Usually I get about 1/4th of the cabbage I plant and no cauliflower. This year I got 1/4th the of the cauliflower and almost everyone of the 90 some heads of cabbage I planted. Wished I had made sure they were Kraut cabbage, being what they are, more of a spring cabbage than fall, they are too dry to make kraut so I am pickling some, made cabbage rolls for the freezer, blanched some and am dehydrating some.

Pat started riding his bike, still can't start off at a standing stop, needs an incline to get it moving but he is riding and keeping his balance for short distances.

We have also got back some news about Pat's medical problems. He is hypoglycemic and has issues with red food coloring. We are still jumping hoops with ins. for testing of other things including a learning disability/memory problem.

The rest of my goals and plans have fell apart, part of the garden coming in and Pat's issues that needed dealt with and now I have to have 2 procedures on my back within the next 2,fun.

Blessed Be