Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Weekend savings

 I roasted 5 pie pumpkins, made puree and then put on dehydrator sheets over night.

This is the result

I then crumbled it

to put in my spice grinder

and ground it up to use in puddings, breads, pancakes... I haven't done pie. But anything that I can toss a couple spoon fulls into does great...even whipped cream . I do usually add some pumpkin spice along with it.

This usually lasts me a year. I try to keep enough to add to vanilla pudding to make pumpkin mousse at Thanksgiving.

I made 5 gallons of laundry soap. 

We ate from the freezers and pantry. I have 25 empty jars (some fruit and veggies came from freezer) and the kitchen freezer top drawer is now at just a little bit of ice cream, a bag of peas, a bag of peas and carrots and a bag of ham for what ever casserole. We will be working on the second freezer drawer of that frig next... I know there is some fried chicken in it. Plenty of fruit and some cooked hamburger for casseroles etc.

I placed an order with Amazon for some things that Hubby needed stocked for his homemade trail mix. He paid for it out of his money since the only time he eats it is when he is in the truck working. Let's him keep his sugar level and not have to worry about where to stop for something to eat or making a mess in his truck as he really doesn't like to eat sandwiches or such in the truck. 

I inventoried my canning jars and canning lids. I still need to buy bulk wide mouth canning lids when they come in again. M said she had enough to get through canning her meat and if she found any more wide mouth lids she would try to get me some also. I need 730 more jars if I am feeding daughter 4 for a full year.

I made a list of what veggie plants I will need to buy this year AFTER I made the list of what I want to put in the garden minus what I can buy at the auction or from Amish growers. I will go through my seeds next. Since I am having hip surgery Feb 16th , I am not growing my own plants this year. Less frugal but less stress.

For my birthday Hubby trimmed all the oak trees that had limbs low enough to hit me when I mowed. He also finally put up the tv in the dining room that we have had now for 2 months. We want to watch the weather news while drinking our coffee at the table. We do NOT watch tv while eating. 

Son 2 had our dog truck while his car got fixed. When his car was done, he dropped off our truck to get the oil changed... he also figured out where the tiny coolant leak was since the truck sat in his garage instead of a gravel driveway. 

This is what my granddaughter sent me for my birthday

She says she feels huge... Mid April is the due date

Blessed Be