Friday, October 22, 2021

Sam,coffee, money, & Thyme

 Here you go

What's on Top of mind?

Getting the last of watermelon and apples (including picked) dealt with

Getting the last 20 areas of home done of seasonal cleaning by Oct 30.

Getting things around for new budget

Where I've been

SIGH too many hospitals and Amish home to keep everyone updated. THANKFUL everyone is home.

Where am I going?

This coming week MY OWN doctor appts, Hubby's hearing aid appt., grocery store, and drop Son 2's check off to our mechanic 

What am I reading?

Nora Roberts Chronicles of One Book 2 of Blood and Bone

Ruth Berolzheimer The American Woman's cook book

Brother Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette From a Monastery Kitchen 

What am I listening to?

Silence. I've had enough of noise of any kind. OH and the dogs barking  but shut up usually when I yell ENOUGH.

What am I watching?

Weather and only weather

What I am eating..

what ever is coming out of the freezers , with suggestions from granddaughter 

Who am I paying attention to?

Hubby, Rascal, Charlotte, and ME MYSELF AND I as I am trying to get a head cold.

Who needs to be (figuratively) slapped?

Son 2 who hasn't did any exhaust work on his car in 8 yrs.

What is making me smile?

Homemade rice pudding with raisins using cooked rice that will go with the frozen stir fry meals on the menu for tonight  with store bought fortune cookies

I was a widow and lived on survivor benefits

 My late husband dropped dead at age 39. We had 4 children and his sister (same age as our oldest) in the home. No health ins to cover the hospital. No life insurance to cover the funeral and bills and no savings to cover anything including the amounts of the utilities. AND WORSE NO WILL.

It took 3 months for survivor benefits to kick in BUT since I had applied all the little help we were getting like WIC ended within a month of him dying.

I sold everything I could to keep the utilities on (didn't put one in my name because they wanted $300 to do that, in fact when I remarried they wanted that to put it in Hubby's name. We didn't do that) and the mortgage paid.

The his sister went to a cousin and his oldest we were raising went back to her mom. They both tried to take what was left in the house and the house. Thankful that the Judge not only sided with me but ordered them to pay MY lawyer for the extra costs.

The home we owned we had only 6 months and it was ONE step from being condemned when we bought it. 

Within 4 years, we (as my kids worked right by my side) paid off the negative estate , doubled the value of the home and had a savings. I worked 3 part time jobs so I was always home when my kids were. We did yard sales once a week in the summer. Then Hubby came back in my life (high school sweetheart).

We have a will(due for updating next year) we have life insurance and we have medical insurance. We have each other listed as beneficiary on IRAs.  I know what the social security benefit for me would be if Hubby dies before me. 

I also know that the car insurance, health ins out of pocket, propane , electric, water softener, his life ins, his cell phone, vehicle maintenance, garden, personal, groceries and eating out would go down, maybe not half but at least 1/3rd. That's equal to what I pay for right now. I would sell the work truck, livestock trailer and flat bed dove tail trailer. I might sell the tractor and all the equipment and my truck and get a newer truck with a plow on the front. Other wise E will be over here plowing me out like he does the other 2 elderly neighbors.

If I die before him, he already told me he was selling all the garden stuff, canning stuff and 80%( probably closer to 90% as he is a 1 pot cook) of the dishes ,pots and pans. Not including my meds are a lot more expensive than his. 

Still, know we are covered , I wonder if we are missing something. 

When we update the wills, we are going to prepay our funeral expenses. Both of my parents did that, Daddy wrote his obit. Said he wasn't putting me through what Mother did (I wrote her's the day of our Thanksgiving) .  We plan to do that also. Take that off the kids' backs.  

We also decided if we died together or went in nursing home. Son 2 who is in charge of us and estate is to have an estate sale/auction, everything goes. Son2 did happy dance as it's in writing so none of the other kids can cause a problem or they don't get any of the $$.

Do you have that stuff taken care of?