Wednesday, April 19, 2023

What I do with what I grow.

 Lettuce and greens gets ate fresh, if it bolts before we eat it I dehydrate it and grind it for green powder to add to sauces, casseroles and soups. I got 1 that will take some for their smoothies. Green Ice lettuce is allowed to bolt and go to seed so I can replant the next year. I have to be careful to make sure I get it before it goes to seed because about 10 yrs ago I had a yard full of it LOL.

Radishes are ate fresh or fried (just like a potato) when they get pithy.

Beets are ate fresh, roasted and canned with water or pickled.

Carrots are ate fresh, stored in second (or third) frig. I have canned them, froze them and at one time dehydrated them (such a pain to do that)

Peas ate fresh or frozen. I will let some "dry" on the vine to either make pea soup or if heirloom to replant the next year.

I grow snow peas for fresh eating and freeze for stir fries

Green beans. I grow Jade for regular green beans fresh, seeds and canned. They grow the best in this area (I used to grow Ky. Wonder). I grow Roma Wide Italian beans for fresh, seeds and canned for green beans potato and ham meals. I grow long green beans green and purple fresh and frozen for stir fries. If they are heirloom I will save some for seed. Wax yellow bean fresh, canned and seed. I also mix half green bean and half wax bean in pints for 3 bean salad. Hubby floats which other bean he uses as we save a bit of the "dry" beans for that.

Eggplant for fresh eating and frozen "breaded" for fried, canned in ratatouille.

Turnips fresh (silky sweet and Toyoko our favorites for fresh) I cook and can purple tops turnips. I either slice them like potatoes and fry them or cube and boil them to mash like mashed potatoes. The greens are in salads or cooked or dehydrated

Rutabagas and parsnips are cooked like carrots or turnips and canned. They have been mashed like mashed potatoes. The greens are cooked or dehydrated

Kohlrabi, ate fresh, cooked, canned, with greens in salads, or dehydrated.

Collards, kale, chard, spinach and mustards are ate fresh, cooked and dehydrated. Well not the collards, if I have extra daughter 1 and daughter 3 will take them. Daughter 2 will take the spinach. A few times the English widows will take them if it's enough for 1 to have a salad.

I grow dried soup beans, some I just leave as dried,  others I soak and then can so I can make quick meals. I make sure I save some for seed.

I grow cucumbers for fresh eating and pickling

I grow asparagus for fresh eating, pickling and freezing.

I grow Chinese cabbage for fresh and frozen

I grow red and green cabbages for fresh, frozen, red with apples canned, green as kraut or canned coleslaw as Hubby likes it better than frozen slaw.

I grow onions for fresh, winter storage and dehydrate. Yellow, white, red, Candy onions, scallions and walking onions. Can you tell we use a lot of onions?

I grow garlic, fresh and dehydrated

I grow peppers, sweet orange, red, cayenne, banana and pepperoncini for fresh, dehydrated and pickled.

I grow broccoli for fresh, if I get enough some frozen.

I grow brussels sprouts for fresh, if I get enough some frozen.

I grow cantaloupe for fresh.

I grow yellow squash and zucchini for fresh, frozen and pickled.

I grow tomatoes, cherry, roma, pasta, goat bag, and ox heart... fresh eating, roasted or not, canned as whole tomatoes, diced tomatoes, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, tomato sauce, and juice. I also dehydrate tomatoes and I dehydrate tomato skins for powder.

I grow pumpkin, butternut and acorn squash. I will not be doing that this year as one of the Amish is doing it to help pay off their medical bills. Means I have 2 garden beds for other stuff . I freeze butternut and acorn squash. I cook then dehydrate then grind pumpkin. 

I grow potatoes (white, golden, red and purple). 

I have grown sweet potatoes (didn't get any slips to plantšŸ˜¢ this year) So I will have to buy sweet potatoes but Hubby is going to ask one of the Amish if we can have 1 sweet potato in the fall to grow slips for us. 

I grow blackberries, red raspberries, golden raspberries, strawberries ,rhubarb, and apples. Fresh eating, canned in water or juice, pie filling, jam, jellies, and fruit butter, frozen and dehydrated. Purple seedless grapes and white seedless grapes... fresh, frozen, jelly or juice. We have a Bird deposit of a concord grape that is now 2 yrs old. If it lives through the summer we will transplant it for juice only. We have small cherry and peach trees. This is the 2nd year in a row a freeze hit after they started blooming. I doubt if we get anything off them. 

I grow thyme, oregano, garlic, apple mint, orange mint, garden mint, winter savory, basil, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, marjoram, dill (weed and seeds), cilantro, sage, chives, garlic chives, parsley flat Italian and curly. 

We added elderberry bushes (covered from freeze) and rose bushes(also covered). Roses produce hips (if you don't pick the roses) that have Vit. A and C. We also added horseradish and more rhubarb(covered from freeze). We added blueberries and black raspberries also safe as not planted since we knew the freeze was coming in.

I sometimes plant Lady finger popcorn when we look to run low. I keep my popcorn in the freezer in pint jars, then move them to the frig. I only put out what I am going to pop about an hour before we want popcorn so it comes to room temp to pop better.  

I get my corn sweet white for fresh eating and yellow canning corn from E.

We eat a lot of roasts (beef, pork, and chicken) with root veggies whether fresh, frozen or canned. 

I use a lot of frozen veggies in off season of fresh with pasta, casseroles and soups. 

 IF what I grow doesn't make I first try to get it from Amish or farmers markets before going to a grocery store. Cauliflower is one that is usually from the store.

The Amish buy bushels of different fruits from an orchard over in Columbus area so sometimes we order some of that. Last year was peaches and apples. There is another Mennonite store we go to that sells bushels of fruit also that I can get some from. 

I am adding bee pollinator garden, butterfly pollinator garden and hummingbird pollinator garden this year.

Also replacing some herbs that died for herbal garden and a "medical" herb garden 

We want plants at the doors to help keep mosquitos and flies away. 

Hubby wants some sunflowers as he likes the seeds but I am willing to bet the birds will get them first and I want my heart garden to have flowers in it.

I am doing better by tracking that we eat our "colors" (red, yellow/orange, green, white/tan, black/purple/blue) on a daily bases.