Monday, March 28, 2022

What I am doing??? warnings of shortages

Pond has ice on it at the edges about 6 ft from bank. Not thick so will melt with the afternoon sun. E said the maple sap is still running a bit so he might get a bit more to cook down for syrup.

 Researched making cheese as Hubby really want this ... until I figured out the cost and how much cheese he would have to eat so it didn't go to waste. He decided we would just go to the cheese stores over around Holmes co like the Amish here do. Since he is already over there every other month anyways but I did mention it could be a good day trip for us to get away from the house and we could pack a picnic for lunch.

Dealt with an attempt to hack my phone AVG caught the malware and then a threat to wipe out my computer... Glad Son 2 talked me into getting Norton as they dealt with it on the computer.

Got a list of what the gov't thinks will be in short supply... they are adding to it each day it seems.

Anything in plastic, metal cans or glass. That takes in bottle water, sodas, booze, 

coffee (again that comes in plastic )


toilet paper

paper towels (I guess maybe feminine products will be next on that list???)

dish soap/laundry soap

Clorox, Lysol etc. wipes 

shampoo and conditioner/deo. 

cooking oils



cheese* especially cream cheese* after reading how it's made I understand it.

milk (probably all dairy)


flour and mixes made with flour... pasta, bread, cake, pie crusts... anything made with flour like cereal also... gravy mixes... some salad dressings.

corn ... corn products *corn meal, corn starch etc.

Beef, pork, poultry and eggs. They eat wheat or corn. 

dog food (made with corn, wheat etc.)

Imports will be slowed down most likely also.

Instead of inventorying my pantry, I just wrote down what was missing and how much. I am still working on that and trying to figure out where to get it if we don't grow it.

I ordered toilet paper as I was already told it's next to nothing around around here.

I will get sugar tomorrow when we are at doctor appts and running errands. I will also pick up Vernor's ginger soda, coke and sprite. I usually don't pick that up until closer to July 4th but with shortages looming I will get it now.

I dehydrated the last 2 pumpkins and ground that up for powder. I made apple sugar (dehydrated apple sauce with no sugar).I still have some apples from last fall in the frig to deal with this week.

I ordered a butter crock. Hubby doesn't like "softening" his butter in the microwave and we use real butter. So I ordered what my grandmother used and Nonna used. I went through The Prudent Homemaker site

We were  starting to work on moving stuff around in the freezers so we could start defrosting them as we are getting ready for garden to start up. I freeze peas, snow peas, corn and asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and some carrots and some cole slaw. I freeze strawberries, black berries, blue berries, red raspberry (hope to get black raspberries this year), jams  and some fruit for mixed fruit pies.

Had several of plastic bins, paper sacks, cardboard boxes, cloth bags etc. bust on us so after a day of researching and another of pricing we ordered wire bins. We are starting with the barn freezer to see how we like them. Lack of organization in the chest freezers bugs the crap out of me. Hubby just digs through and doesn't put things back in the container it was in so everything ends up jumbled together and it's a hunt and find every time.

 Hubby decided he wanted a list on a clip board of what was in each freezer. I went with a clip board per freezer. AND then to mark the top of each freezer of each meat. Like freezer one be pork, freezer two be beef, freezer three be poultry. Leaving the barn freezer out of that line. He thought that was great. And then the rest of the freezer be fruit and veggies etc. Maybe cheese and nuts in the barn freezer... he decided he wanted to keep track of the pantry also... I told him that meant HE had to mark off stuff when he went down and got it NOT just tell me. He is still thinking of that and started looking at Excel sheet to do that. 

I will be transplanting some of the seedlings from the grow cart later today. 

How is your week going?

Prayers for peace.

Blessed be