Saturday, January 23, 2010

thinking of spring

Feb is just next week...

TO some Groundhog's day on Feb 2nd foretells of the spring to come

For Celtic or Pagans ,Feb 1st is Imbolic or Oimelc festival to celebrate Brigid who started out as a Celtic goddess and later became revered as a Christian saint.

This festival was replaced by the Catholic church with Candlemas that is held Feb 2nd

To gardners, this is the time to think of what to plant in the garden, seeds to start now, what worked and what didn't.

For me, it's a time to start the spring cleaning. I start with decluttering the month of Feb and then the actually scrubbing of walls and floors in March and then in April change out the heavy drapes/curtians and bedding for warmer weather items and pray I don't freeze in bed due to a cold snap here in OH.

With where we are renting any gardening will have to be done in containers so I will start looking at what containers I can use, what I have and what I need.Seeds I have LOL though I imagine I will do a walk thru the seed catalogs any ways.

Have a blessed day