Wednesday, June 20, 2018

8 days of frugal

We made a milestone on 209 and celebrated by eating the special at the local restaurant , the special was a rib eye steak . We brought half the steak home and a baked potato and used it in another two meals. The rest of the meals came from the pantry/freezers.

I went to the store and used coupons and sales for the odds and ends we needed...really odds LOL orange and lemon frosting for the cupcake mixes I had and some plain white to make "lime" frosting for the cupcake mix and cookies.
That I made for the Father's Day cookout on Hubby's side on Sunday.I took some to Daddy for his Father's day. We split the day between the two dads saving gas.

We used Gas Buddy app on our phones to find the cheapest gas where ever we are. We are driving to 209 or somewhere else for appts or supplies almost daily.

I harvested rhubarb, strawberries and cherry tomatoes from gardens. The neighbor at 209 canned me more strawberry pie filling and strawberry jam and let me know the strawberries were almost done and gave me 3 heads of summer lettuce(aka Iceberg) . The seller of 209 wife gave us a tomato and green tomato when we stopped to drop off some mail that had came to us instead of them. She also told me where she got the heavy fabric that she had made curtains with that kept the cold out very well so I can check that out to see if I can find fabric cheaper than what it would take to buy new winter curtains as I am not finding anything insulated at thrift shops or yard sales.

We picked up somethings off what we call the buying punch list (punch list is what contractors call the finishing list)at Menards with the 11 % rebate. Carbon/smoke detectors and a clock for the kitchen and one for the front room as the ones we had died, and furnace filter for 209 and dog food for here.

We are working in 103-110 heat index weather. Drinking tons of water and eating a decent lunch from either the local store or Chinese buffet. we prefer the store as most times we can split the meal or bring it home.Suppers are next to nothing...maybe a salad,eggs or a wrap of leftovers. Soup has been a regular even though Hubby doesn't like much soup.

The AC is running here, I do open the windows and doors in mornings , especially before the sun rises, curtains shutting out the sun in afternoons and late evenings as we have a picture window facing west. One ceiling fan and two other floor fans run. The one in the front room is on low all the time as it's right in front of the vent that air is doesn't "drift" out into the room.After putting the fan there I found we could raise the AC temp by 3 degrees. THAT being said... 209 will have ceiling fans in the dining room, front room and bedroom. The AC is installed (will be ran for the painters otherwise not on) but all the crews have mentioned if they keep the doors/windows shut on East side the house but open the west side in the morning, the house is cool. Then they shut the west side at 11 and open the east side , the house stays around 80 even when it was 100 outside. Humidity is an issue with trying to get things to dry.

I trimmed my hair. Washed laundry in homemade soap and used dryer sensor for drying. Hung a few things off and on this week on the drying rack. Made gallons of unsweetened ice tea to go with the gallons of water we are drinking.Hubby has taken to shutting the TV off within 30 min after he goes to bed and not leaving his computer on all the time.

Bought work jeans for Hubby for $10 each instead of the normal $30. Found all weather dresses and skirts on clearance for myself.

Back to packing for the move which is suppose to be in 4 weeks

Blessed Be