Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday The day of Rest

and my day of planning.

There is a pot of meat sauce on simmering to go with the pasta this week.
Used up the last of the fresh hamburger, half zucchini and 3/4s of red bell pepper, most of the portabella mushrooms (leaving 4 to go with caramelized onions later this week) and some shredded carrot .

There is a small pot of chicken cacciatore soup that used up the other half of zucchini, 1/4th of the bell pepper, the last of the white mushrooms, leftover grilled chicken breast, diced up carrot and an onion.

I split a quart of homemade red sauce between the two adding a bit of water to the soup.

Later today I will make mashed potato patties from what is left of the mashed potatoes and sausage gravy and biscuits to help use up the milk plus have brunch meals for me that is just reheat.

I have 2 squares of cake, strawberries and some ice cream for snacks and dessert.

Monday I have to clean the frig, take some things in the garage to toss and take trash can to the curb for Tuesday pick up.

This is my pressing pile and re-pin so it can have the final sewing.

This is the pile that is ready to sew
I feel that is a good amount for Monday.

Tuesday after trash runs I will bring trash can back around.
AND work on what ever didn't get done Monday and this pile
Hopefully I will be able to work on the NOT TOUCHED pile
I don't think I will be finished with what I brought as I planned and hoped. BUT I do have to find fabric for winter curtains for the bedroom as the fleece blanket I ordered Hubby decided he wanted for a blanket for himself. So I just put the second one aside for when I move the chair that I used to always sit in at Daddy's in to the bedroom. The one I sat in at Mother's that is in the bedroom is going to the front room. My parents always made sure they had a chair I could sit in and have my feet touch the floor so not to strain my back. I sit on a wooden kitchen chair at my in laws.

Thursday I will mow the yard and go get the groceries off Son 2 list.

Friday I will clean the house and pack up and go home. Considering Hubby woke up sick this morning I am not sure I want to go home before he is over it. He thinks allergies due to being in barns 2 days in a row and not taking his allergy meds. I hope he caught it soon enough as the last time he didn't take anything (Doc chewed him out as we have the meds) and ended up with bronchitis and gave it to me. If he isn't better by Wed he is calling the doctor.

Here is to having a great week for ALL OF US.
Blessed Be