Wednesday, April 12, 2023

last couple days

 This is Candy... she normally is the school buggy horse or the horse M uses.

But E has several foals and the moms are getting a little nasty towards Candy as she wants to be around the foals. So she's at our pond for awhile. Hubby calls her our pond lawnmower. 

We are turning the furnace down to 60 (6 am to 8 pm) during the day as highs are in the 60s. When we have sunshine the house will get up into the 70s. The weather is still iffy and will be for another month.

I have been looking for metal garden beds to replace the one that are falling apart. Regular price has been $203.75 with tax. I found them on sale $166.23 and was able to use my cash back credit card saving a total of $550.19.  I was able to order 12 (half of what I need) which kept the costs in the amount I budgeted for this month. 

We went to grocery store. I saved $51.98.  I didn't get a couple things on my list but will check in 2 wks. 

Hubby got fuel at Kroger's and used my points saving $6.02 on fuel.

We use LED night lights (in Christmas candles).There are 13 of them through the house. We decided to stop using 7 of them. I am leaving the curtains/blinds open where they were and the security light in the yard is giving enough light for those areas. Hubby wasn't thrilled with leaving curtains/blinds open until I asked E if he could see in from his house one night. He went over and looked and said not really. As he is the only one that is behind the house enough to see in those areas. Said the security light and outhouse block that view from his home.

Going to the gardens to plant

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be