Monday, April 1, 2019

April goals including surgery

Finish paying off school taxes. Have been having issues with their forms on line and have had to ask for help.

Will meet with GI/Surgeon to talk over surgery. Small intestine has a 5 cm (about 2 inches for those of us that don't do metric ME) that has collapsed.... I have no clue of why my system is working at all then.

The left to do with spring cleaning :

 In kitchen.... spice cabinet and dry goods "book" shelf. Ceiling, walls, baseboard and floor.

Neither bathroom has been touched but the bedroom is also down to ceiling, walls, baseboard and floor  AND changing bedding to warm weather.

Daughter 4 has bartered for gas money, a ham and a turkey to come up to finish what ever spring cleaning I don't get done by the 12th. Including the entire house, not just the areas I want focused on. I might send home bread also with her. We live 90 mins away from her so she offered 7 hrs of work and 3 for drive time. That makes it the same as if she went to work and keeps her 5 dogs on their routine.

Hubby's is no longer working with the state so he is able to start helping at home and working on the things he didn't get done on the house or his own items he wanted to do.

Hubby's April's goals
win bid for livestock trailer April 6th

has an auction to take Amish to April 13th and then found out 2 things we are looking for are at that auction so it's no longer a "job" but car pooling. Amish are paying for the cost to go, everyone is responsible for their food and drink.

gardens put in, tilled , weed barrier etc for me to plant
gravel in for deck and driveway
deck on at French doors
straighten the fence (including E's that is attached to our fence) at the road
move the compost pile to the gardens
put the grill together and put on front porch until deck is built
put smoker together and put on front porch until deck is built
change the down spout on barn
replace board over cistern
put more concrete on deadman on clothesline in yard.
Rehang the Jack Daniels coat rack he accidentally pulled down. I would like to change where it hangs and hang a secondary one as he hangs his heavy work bibs and carhart coats on the rack.

My April Goals

Get garden set up to plant
Schedule surgery
Finish paying off the last 3 bills (paperwork is forever)
Finish cleaning the last of the pantry
Defrost and organize the last 3 deep freezers
Schedule energy audit for May...towards the end of May
move flowers from flower bed
plant different flowers in flower bed
plant flowers at windmill.
clear garden shed
sew warm weather curtains
redo mudroom to be more organized and eliminate the clutter piles.

Stock deep freezers with following

bread dough, cookie dough, pie dough, noodles, and roll dough.
waffles, pancakes and sliced bread for French toast
Sliced bread for sandwiches, hot dog buns, onion buns and hamburger buns
Tortillas , bagels and English muffins along with fruit muffins.
Wonton wraps (and some pot stickers)
Egg roll wraps (and egg rolls)
Croissants and doughnuts and eclairs might be included .

Be recovered enough from surgery to go visit family at end of April

Do you have goals for this Month?

Frugal day by day


 I canned more turkey broth and vacuumed bag 7 bags of turkey in 2 cups amts.

I washed 2 loads of clothes with homemade laundry soap and white vinegar and hung them on the drying rack, sock dryer racks and on hangers in the shower. Was raining so didn't use kitchen porch clothes line.

I did not turn on any lights or even the oil lamp even though it was gloomy inside the house until afternoon.

I turned down the furnace since I was canning and the cook stove was warming the kitchen.

I spring cleaned the inside of all the kitchen cabinets (only have base cabinets) and the microwave cart.

Hubby drove the car to work since he was only working to noon due to our doctor appointments. We drove the car to the appointments

We ate lunch at home, egg salad, went to doctor appointments... everything was decent, scheduled for 3 month appt for both of us at same time to save gas then.

Went to CVS down from doctor's office , using coupons, sales and extra rewards discounts to buy toilet paper and adult diapers. I still need two more bags of diapers... got another coupon for diapers and $ 3 off total coupon with my receipt so I will go to the CVS here where I live  to use it.

Went to Walmart to pick up freezer tape, I found 2 pairs of shoes( I wear size 4) on clearance and Hubby got a pair of work boots and slippers on sale.

We met Son 2 and our friends at Hong Kong. We made sure we got the senior discount.

We drove the shortest way home instead of rambling along looking a scenery.


I woke up at 3 and decided at 4 I was done trying to sleep. Dogs decided since I was up to wake Hubby up. He was okay with it even though he still had an hour yet he could have slept.

I put the laundry away from the drying rack.

I started laundry with homemade laundry soap and white vinegar.

Hubby checked the weather report for today and tomorrow.

He drove the car to work without me saying anything about it.

I hung laundry on the kitchen porch line when the sun came up.

I made more soil blocks for starting 180 seeds.

We had leftovers in tortillas for supper

I spring cleaned the inside of Hoosier cabinet, bringing most of my baking supplies together except for the flour I store in buckets in the basement pantry.

I started cleaning the Metal cabinet.


I did laundry using homemade laundry soap and white vinegar. Used kitchen clothes line and drying rack as I also washed warm weather clothes from storage.

I had cheese and crackers for lunch

I made homemade biscuits with buttermilk and sausage gravy supper.

Dishwasher soap bottle is empty. We got 35 loads out of the bottle. SO we decided that since I mix 1/3rd water to 2/3rd Dawn that I put in smaller bottles  for hand washing that any thing NOT in dishwasher would be washed by hand after supper.That keeps the more expensive dish washing soap down.


Ct scan with barium... UP at 5:15, had 3 cups of coffee by 7:30.
We turned the furnace down to 65 as we left for the testing. Drove the shortest route in the car, paid off the last hospital bill getting a  5% discount.

Was the quickest time ever getting the barium through, sort of worried me about having a 90 drive back home but made it home before the rest of it kicked on through my system.

Hubby ordered take out of the local Chinese restaurant. I added a qrt of soup also. Neither of us was up to cooking and wasn't sure what or how much I would be able to eat.

We didn't even turn on lights, watched the weather on the news and called it a day.


Hubby's last day for seasonal at the state. Both of us are ready for this to end even though he might do winter seasonal.

Texted Hubby to stop at Save a lot on way home and get 2 gals of milk. Potato soup and gravy on the menu.Saves one of us going back into town when we don't need anything else.

I had Hubby order a qrt of wonton egg drop soup yesterday for today's supper.

Propane was brought in this morning at 7 am. That is the last of our contract propane and I noticed it was 30 cents cheaper a gal than the contract so we won't have much $$ to pay out on the difference. 

Water softener co delivered also today. Right on budget there actually under budget according to them as we are using about half of what the EPA says someone should use daily.

I did a load of laundry and dried in on the kitchen clothes line.

Little E and Little B brought over 2 dozen eggs for us.These two little ones do not speak English except for Hi and Bye, good luck on getting that out of them when E and M are not around. BUT B always, just always has a large smile and a twinkle in her eye.Little E is ornery.


I cooked canned potatoes and eggs to go with leftover biscuits and sausage gravy for bfast, well really brunch because we decided to NOT set alarms on the weekend and just get up when we wake up. We were up by 6, forgot the dogs wouldn't understand SLEEP IN. Still , we definitely didn't get around to eating until almost 9:30

We snacked on odds and ends in the frig around 2

I fixed some rice pudding and we had it along with the last of the wonton egg drop soup for supper.

I prepped baked oatmeal for tomorrow's bfast

I caught up the dishes, did some mending and notified family and friends of my CT scan results. Then spent the rest of the day figuring out priorities to be done before surgery.


The day of rest is hard for us to do, as we have been so busy and worked some many times 7 days a week for years at a time.

We had baked oatmeal for brunch ,this is now going to be a once a week, with changes of fruit in it. Today was blueberry pie filling as I have pie filling that needs to be used up so fresh can be put in the pantry.

We had cheese and crackers for a snack at 11:30 while we played scrabble. Hubby won, he does cross word puzzles, he was definitely showing me that what he was spelling was a real word LOL.

At 12:30 we went to see my Dad in the nursing  home. Sunday is a "slow" day for him as no one else goes and visits him on that day. We couldn't go see Hubby's parents as his mom is  contagious. His dad didn't catch what ever buy she has picked up. She's been sick for over a month now.

Once home we did some planning of what needs done, what I need help getting done and how to handle me being down with surgery with spring planting getting ready.

We had spag and meat sauce from the freezer (Hubby's lunches he didn't eat while working) and garlic cheddar biscuits (freebie mix) We had a choc bar for our snack while watching cooking shows.

I ran the dishwasher and washed the hand dishes .

I put the dough together for the American style white bread 5 min and the starter for the Italian sub buns to bake tomorrow.

I down loaded some free books to my kindle.

How did your week go?

Blessed Be