Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Need prayers for Neighbor

 4 p.m. We rushed M and E to ER today. She was having a miscarriage AND her blood sugar had dropped AND her blood count was off AND she is passing massive blood clots. Hubby is an EMT so I drove while he called the hospital to let them know what was coming in. Getting a squad out here to pick her up would be a 20 min wait and that is if the squad was available as there is only 1. 

We went and got E's mom ( M's mom lives out of state). She went to take care of the grandkids and then she went to sit with M at hospital as E came home and did chores and now E is back to the hospital along with his mom to see if M is coming home or spending the night. Hubby is doing this round of sitting in the parking lot as there is a limit of who can be in the hospital due to delta covid. 

 We dropped E off where he had been working on a pole barn and left his buggy. We checked on the kids. The oldest two are old enough to babysit and even do the evening chores at that. 

7:30 pm Hospital called and asked for E to come back to hospital. Hubby picked up E, reminded kids I was just across the pasture if they needed something.

8:15 pm M is being transferred to another hospital 20 miles away. They are trying to make arrangements that E can ride with her. When they reduced meds she started bleeding again. SO sending her to get a scan, and most likely will have to have surgery. E's mom had mentioned D &C as she was M's midwife before she retired from being the midwife. She is hoping the uterus's has not torn. Daughter 2 had that happen with her 3rd son. Not good.

So Hubby waiting to make sure he is only bringing E's mom back to M and E's and not also taking E to hospital. 

Going to be a long night as we will get the call to go get E or both of them later.