Wednesday, November 16, 2022

$49 in savings at grocery store

 But first... our first loaf of bread out of wood stove. Top darker than we like but it was not burnt and was soft.  I will definitely be watching the whole wheat or speltz or rye. E said it looked good as M had burnt the top of 4 loaves that day. 

I was supposed to bake it to internal  temp of 210 degrees and I pulled it at 205. My other recipe it's supposed to be 190. 

 Charlotte needed her shots and nails clipped. Doc suggested that since she is 5 that we look at getting a pup to keep her active. I will look at that in the spring. I am not into house breaking during the winter. We had talked about a pup since the boys died. 

 Since we were in Sidney we went to Kroger's (we don't have one).

 SAVINGS!!! Kroger's had a coupon for their turkey to be 49 cents/ lb. (got 21 lbs.). if you bought $25. I added, another turkey that was 69 cents/lb. (got 20 lbs. ), dairy and a pork loin that was half price to cut into pork chops ( 9 meals now in freezer). I didn't realize I still had another coupon $4 off meat on my Kroger's card so instead of the $100 after coupons and sales that I was aiming for for fuel points. I had $98 and change SIGH but I saved $49 !!!! I can always get dairy next week after our appts. to make the fuel points.

Then after we got home and I was prepping meals. (Yes the two turkeys are thawing for me to can) I sliced up the pepperoni I bought last week. Nine meals(pizza or subs or with cheese and crackers) of sliced pepperoni and 6 of go with sausage for pizzas, calzones, and pasta casseroles. I went to the freezer to get the sausage to cook it today and found I was down to just what I needed for the pizzas. I could have got more at Kroger's and had the fuel points. MOAN GROAN.. worse was I didn't realize we were down that low. Checked the pantry inventory and yes that is all there is as I was hoping it was in another freezer. Hubby is stopping tonight after hauling as he will be refueling right around the corner from Save a Lot to see if they have sausage. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. If they don't, I will put it on the list for next week.

We were gone 5 hrs. Wood stove had just barely dropped to creosote stage. House was 72 degrees. Hubby had put less wood than I would have. But he did say he might put a "nighttime" piece of wood with the rest the next time.

Hubby said he is no longer leaving a night light on in the front room as the firelight shows right where he walks to go to the bathroom. Our security light out back lights up his bathroom. Works for me