Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Going line by line of the budget

ADS 4-in x 100-ft Corrugated Perforated Pipe in Black | 04010100 this is field tile. Worse would be we need 1500 ft of it to fix the drainage here.That would be total replacement of what is here and add to what should have been here. That alone is $750. 

We know we can rent a ditch witch (machine that cuts the ground into a 5 inch ditch to put tile in at the correct slope for drainage) for $2000 for 2 days since it's takes a half of day to get it and take it back we lose that time plus Hubby would have to not work himself to do it losing more money that way. He is calling the guy a lot of the Amish use even though they say he is expensive...we know what it cost for us to do it.We can lay the tile our selves and cover it ourselves saving there. 

MEANTIME I need to figure out where the money is coming from.

We could pull it from the IRAs or main savings but I would like to not have to pull it from there or all of it from there if we can get by I don't mind if we pull from month savings accts as I put each month in a separate savings to keep things straight for our son if something happens.Sept and Oct are in joint checking, Nov and Dec are in personal savings.Emergency fund is in main savings.

I know Hubby will most likely not break even in his business Oct thru March as the produce auction won't be open and pallets have not picked back up. Amish won't be needing grain hauled or seed hauled or even animals hauled much.So we don't count on the business at all at this time.This year according to our tax person is BREAK EVEN which is is most likely going to do or be close to doing even with the pandemic which is AMAZING.

Hubby gets his SS in Nov. That can cover Nov budget as we use that money in the savings to pay for the ditch witch. Daddy left an insurance policy that we didn't know about that will also help cover that month (it was through the plant he retired from so it's not much of one) and brother and I was wondering if someone was trying to scam us since we didn't know he had one still there after he retired 33 yrs ago. That should come in late this month.

OKAY ... I need $750 .

We cut 27% off the electric bill from last month (GO ME for following Hubby around and turning off fans and not turning on the AC until supper time if then) so that will cover 100 ft.... leaving 1400 ft to go.

The jar money we made off the garden and making ice will cover 200 ft leaving 1200 ft to go.

I can cut the dog budget for Sept and Oct (money in the checking) as no one needs shots until Dec and I have their vitamins and meds. That is another 200 ft leaving 1000.

The kids and grandkids have asked for cookies and candy for Christmas... two also asked for measuring cups and spoons (yard sale if I don't have extra myself as I think I have Daddy's in the barn) as they would like to start baking (out on their own) I have everything to do that except peanut butter (they like buckeyes).  SO I can take the grocery budget over to the tile for Sept and Oct (in checking ) . Use  the money we get from making the ice for E and M for milk and peanut butter for Sept and Oct that adds another 200 ft leaving 800.

I can take part of the money that is put back for Christmas and put on the tile, the other part will go to replace baking supplies. That's another 600 ft  leaving 200 ft. We give per family not person we have 6 kids, 8 grandkids out on their own. Great grandkids(5 with the 6th on the way) get cash, their parents put it in a savings as they all have like 6 -8 sets of grandparents/great grandparents etc so they don't want a lot of presents or it over whelms everyone.

I paid the school taxes in advanced so I can move that over to cover the last 200 ft. 

Hubby is hoping that it's only half that . As we already pulled some from the Dec budget to pay for the rain gutters being fixed and added to.