Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Tuesday update

We stopped at CVS and I bought $42.72 worth of granola bars for Hubby and paid $2 after coupons and extra bucks. 

We went to chiro which was right around the corner from CVS. 

 Then we went to go pick up our dog truck at the mechanic's. It was on the way home. I drove it home. Was a bit leary trying to get in the truck by myself. Out is easy as I just turn sideways and slide out. I did it better than I did getting off the recliner part of the couch last night. Definitely will be sitting in the chair behind the couch to watch tv after surgery.

Hubby went to pay his work truck payment and fuel up since he has work this morning at dawn. He also stopped at Michael Angelo's pizza and brought supper home. 

We had talked about getting some take out since we didn't go out for my birthday but I didn't bring it up thinking if I just didn't say anything he would forget and I would just do something with eggs. Since it was supper time when we got back. 

WELL... he brought home plain coated popcorn chicken with garlic butter sauce, deluxe 18 inch pizza, cheesy bread with garlic butter sauce, a sausage, onion, and ham calzone for him and a "pms" calzone for me... (pepperoni mushroom sausage), and a chef salad for each of us. He thought we could put part of it back in the freezer for when I have surgery. Good thought but GEEZE. 

We had sunshine ... 

been awhile since we have saw the sun rise.. back to dreary with clouds and snow flurries today

Blessed Be