Wednesday, May 12, 2021


today is supposed to be the last day in the 60s for the next 10 days. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last frost we have in the morning. AND it's should dry out by the end of this day. 

We hit mid 70's tomorrow and the to do list will start getting done. There are 90 things on the to do list for this month and doesn't break down gardens stuff and that's not dealing with any of the projects for this month or summer.

Since I know me... HA HA I know that when I come in from working outside I am not going to want to spend a lot of time cooking lunch or supper/dinner.

I need to organize the kitchen better as it is in shambles .

Lunch thoughts: eggs in many forms, lunch meat in tortilla wraps, hotdogs , brats. And a fruit... pickles, pickled asparagus, pickled cauliflower, pickled beets, regular beets, carrot sticks, celery, radishes etc will be on the table. There will be at least on run to the local little store for a lunch or two as we are trying to be supportive of her reopening after being closed a total year.

Sundays will be either frozen meal (already in the barn freezer , there is about 20 left) or soup.

Dinner (what I was raised calling it because it was around 5)/ supper (what my family consider a meal after 6 to 7 and what Hubby grew up with). I hate eating  late as it means I have to stay up right for 3 hrs. after I eat. I try to be in bed at 9 ( so 6 pushes me), read an hour, go to sleep (with praying I sleep) until 6. That is 8 hrs. In reality I am lucky to get 6 hrs. since I have issues with waking during the night for 2 hrs. Seems to be common on this road LOL.

On the menu: main dish for evening (that is not in the freezer), sides will be what ever is coming in from the garden. Lettuce, radishes, asparagus (still) turnip greens and green onions will be probably a week from now.

Tuscan Braised potatoes with fried eggs.

Fettuccini with butter and cheese.

Nacho Bell Grande *homemade

Mexican pizza(me) Crunch wrap( Hubby) *homemade

Creamy enchiladas

Egyptian barley salad (American Test Kitchen recipe)

Haluski  with smoked sausage

Baconator cheese burger *homemade

Roman braised beef with tomato and cloves (Milk Street recipe)

hotdogs with coney sauce


couscous  asparagus risotto (Milk Street recipe)

Baked risotto (Sara Moulton recipe)

sweet and sour chicken kabobs 

Roasted chicken 

Cornish hen

Appetizer night... beet sliders/ bruschetta/ chicken satay/ eggrolls/ pot stickers/ stuffed mushrooms/ spinach artichoke dip/ popper dip/loaded French fries (air fryer). I try to have 3 appetizers and then add crudité platter. 

We will chose what we are having the night before .