Wednesday, August 22, 2018

209 update ...short short short...

or maybe not.

First I had another bout with my Crohn's but I was sitting in the doctor office waiting for a following up so he gave me a shot to help with the cramping and told me it was just doing it's job and it would cramp some so he gave me meds to take daily for another week... yeah really the ilium was starting to die when I was in. and since I've had this happen before (penicillin shut my system down) I know it hurts horribly to start back up. With in 30 min I felt okay....I'm okay with okay LOL

Head contractor found out I was in hospital and put all his crew on alert to do what ever they could to help when ever one was waiting for something they wiped down walls and ceilings...

AS of today (8/22/2018) There is touch up on 4 spots, a coat of poly on one section of floor that was redone and another coat of paint on one of the mudroom walls.  ALL that is to be done Thursday (tomorrow). Would have been done today BUT

COUNTER TOP IS COMING IN TODAY (right where the floor is being redone) at 12:15... yes, really, that is the time they gave us...weird.

Barn gutters are coming in either today or tomorrow (depends on weather)

Screening for house gutters that got missed is Monday or Tuesday.

Final appraisal is Thursday at 1 pm

Friday the new furniture will be in at 1-2 (they are coming from an hour away).

Hubby is fishing in the gulf... HA HA...if I knew it would have kicked up the finish mode I would have moved his trip up.

I couldn't find my brand new dust mop so decided to clean the stove
I am so glad they didn't test the oven when they tested the burners and Hubby remembered the contractor that helped him move it in put it in there because he thought I would be using it the next day but they were going to put it in the laundry room when they got it in the house.

So I cleaned the regular bathroom

So now when I walk down the hall I see this... still need goop be gone to get the paint splatters off the tub and the floor.

But except for installing towel hooks and the curtains this room is DONE.

At least I can soak in the soaker's tub and crawl onto the lounge for a nap LOL