Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Is it really May 8th?

Grandson P said yes, he should know because it's his birthday and he reminded me  that in 1 yr he will be a teenager. SIGH.

Hubby mowed part of the yard twice...will need to do it again and he hasn't trimmed at all.

He planted popcorn on Monday.

I went through 4 boxes.

I finally got all the hoops jumped for my Humira ONLY to have a glitch that caused the delivery to not be made but is suppose to be by tomorrow (May 9th)

The paint issues are settled, paint company is providing new paint , contractor chose a store credit over being paid (he got more "money" that way) and I chose to have it done late summer, early fall and one room at a time since we have to move furniture.It can be done in combination of fall cleaning.

FINALLY all the GI doctors and PA's are on the same page of my treatment. I chose to have my primary doctor monitor my heart failure (he already does now) instead of getting a Cardiologist and paying another doctor who will run tests my primary already ran. I have left sided heart failure, not a lot of anything they can do at this point, I am on meds for it. I am glad to see there is experimental surgeries that look to be helping left heart failure.

I found the straight pens to start on the curtains... now I can't find the scissors. GEEZE.

We spent hours in the asparagus patch (4 ft by 120 ft) pulling weeds especially thistles and crab grass the last couple days, almost done, probably if we worked together we could finish it in 1 more round.

I transplanted some volunteer strawberries that had came up in what was the old strawberry patch we took out due to blight. These didn't show any signs of blight.

We went to produce auction and bought 2 flats of candy onions, 1 flat of cabbage, 1 flat of cauliflower and 10 of 4 1/2 pots of tomatoes.

We then went to the local green house and got 1 flat of broccoli, 1 flat of Amish paste tomatoes and 2 flats of marigold that had not bloomed yet.

I have plants in the grow lights cart that needs harden off starting this week.

Looks like we can be planting what we bought this afternoon after Hubby gets backs.

I told Hubby I would pick up milk when I got get my Humira. Then we don't have to make another trip to town for it this coming weekend.