Saturday, August 3, 2019

What a week.... .

First my eating (which is a focus for me to eat 3 times a day) is back down to 1 meal (at lunch instead of supper) and a snack at 2 pm usually fruit and a unhealthy snack at 7 pm... I now longer have any junk food in this house(Son 2's house) ...SIGH.

Hubby had a really busy week helping neighbors which are becoming friends and hauling.He did get started on the frame on the deck on the only morning he was home.

Every morning I send a couple pics of the kitties to Son 2... he has had them over 10 yrs and they are his "children". 

This is Bailey. She is 10. she weighs 16 lbs and is on a diet ... I chase her around the house (as she won't run from Son 2, just rolls over and wants her belly rubbed) several times a day. Keeps me up and moving so I don't get stiff from sewing.

This is Cuddles because he likes to cuddle. He is a weird cat. He is around 12 yrs old and is 3 feet LONG. He weighs 18 lbs and is on a diet. He ought to have lost weight this past month because he follows me from sewing machine in dining room to ironing board in farrowing room ... AKA spare bedroom that hold overflow of military stuff.

These two go up and down the hallway around 1-2 A.M. "talking" each night. I think they are talking about the bunny that sits in front of the house at that time of night.

They are house cats as they don't have front claws when Son 2 rescued them.

Every night Hubby sends me pics of my babies AKA dogs.
Last night was a little different
Charlotte took Hubby's recliner, she usually does this when she wants him to hold her. He let her have it and took the couch as both ends of the couch recline.
Rascal is laying in front of the front door but where he can see into the dining room. Pretty standard place for him
Wilbur is on the floor in front of Hubby. He is usually on the couch  but since Hubby is hurt he is staying close to Hubby
Hubby broke his little piggy ... nicely wrapped it after working all day mowing the yard...
He sent this pic and I immediately told him it was broke, he knew it as he is a EMT and has broke toes more than once..which is why he wears steel toes shoes 
I asked how he broke it. The last time he broke a toe it was stepping over a dog...
HUMMMM he isn't happy at the moment ,he broke it on this
Yep , the step he put in front of the washer for me. He didn't turn on the light and went to toss his "barn" clothes (he helped clean out the auction livestock barn in the next county) and caught the step. I told him to put the clothes basket on top of the step and it would help remind him it's there. Or turn on the light . 

I told Hubby I was looking for a new phone. I have Straight talk, love it and haven't found a place I couldn't use it at including driving through the mountains in KY and TN. Haven't decided because I hate paying that kind of price but my phone is almost out of memory due to updates and etc.

BUT this became an emergency...

The computer part of it was half functioning but I was making it work. Then the tension part went out. I picked out stitches and redid the sewing. THEN it just died in the middle of sewing.... Died on me. 
My daily amount that didn't get done yesterday.... SO now I am a day behind which means I will probably be taking stuff home to sew. I am spending 8-10 hrs daily working on all these curtains, table cloths, napkins and aprons. I don't have that time free at home. SO definitely have to make sure what I take home is cut, pinned and ready to sew. Hubby did set up a table for me to put the sewing machine.I really need to put my sewing room together in this house.

So off I went to shop for a sewing machine at Joann Fabrics. I have friends that bought theirs at Walmart, they seem to be okay and as one put it a basic sewing machine. All have mentioned having problems with certain fabrics. I sew all sorts of fabrics and I am not buying separate machines for that (yes I know one that has a machine for fleece, quilting, silk/satin/ and regular. AND then has 3 sergers.    

Some day I will buy a serger... not sure which one. 

BUT with the advice of Joann assistant who's first question was what fabrics do you sew and are you a beginner, intermediate or professional. I'm intermediate and I sew all the fabric.  She gave me two options and then a 3rd that I would have had to order through their online. I am used to a computerized sewing machine so that didn't throw me though I noticed a lot of their machines in store where closer to the old manual, dial a stitch. Nice to see those available.
I got this one
I have to learn to push button 89 to lock stitches as my old one had a lock stitch button by the reverse button. This one is down with all the others. It has a nice button hole stitch which sucked on my old one. I hope this one is a lot better. I've already made a list of stitches I want to learn to use. But the one that is probably going to be learned first is the blind hem stitch to repair to screw up on the kitchen curtains. That might be one that goes back home not done.

Last night I sat and read the manual. I was told to make sure I read ALL of it. The care taking part was in the very back. I did as I was told... foot stool for my feet as my son is a foot taller than me and it's in his legs and I can't touch the floor in any of his furniture. 
I hide this box in the closet of my room AKA guest room so he doesn't toss it or I have to find something else and this is the perfect size. I'll probably find a foot stool and put it in the guess room as there is a chair in there that needs a foot stool also.

Negative on it is the light
I have had to use the flashlight on my cell phone to see things with this sewing machine. Son 2's lighting in his dining room is good for eating , but not sewing.

I also couldn't get the threader to work . I think that is the operator's issue LOL. I can get it to go down but not back. I will deal with that issue later as right now I just need to finish 66 items. 

Back to work for me, I already grilled a chicken breast and hamburger last night to reheat for today's meals.