Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great Depression II What is there left to do?

You have no cable, no phone, no internet and no gas for the car. If you are in the city you can still walk the city and window shop or to friends or family or both and visit...yes really, visit in person, talk face to's amazing...snicker.

If you are in the country, it's harder, family might not be close (we are an hour away from everyone due to hubby's work) and neighbors might be a couple miles and you might not even know them.It can be very lonely.

I still write letters and send them by mail.I still read and reread books ( I buy a lot of books at thrift shops and rotate them through my girls). I play solitaire with a deck of cards. I walk around the edge of the yard and play with the dog.If you have electric you can still play games already loaded on your computer if you have one. I do crafts with things around the house or spend time reading cookbooks (I read them like a regular book especially if they are old).

Do I get "cabin fever"? Yes, but not often.Do I get lonely? Sometimes,but since I like myself and enjoy my own company it's not so bad.

Can you survive a Great Depression???