Sunday, March 19, 2023

this coming week

 I thought of my brother when I saw the sun reflecting in the clouds. He lives in city so doesn't see the sunrise unless he is working (part time at high school as he is SUPPOSED to be retired) . He loved it. 

I also sent him these two.

I am not sure if it is the same two geese that was here when we bought the house but every year we have 2 or 3 come. They spend the day here and then go somewhere else for the night. Probably will be not visiting so much when the little ones come along LOL. Temperature is hovering around 32 but the wind is blowing around 10-18 mph. Keeps the pond from freezing but definitely cold. I was surprised they didn't take off when I walked up to the fence to take the pic... they are so used to Charlotte that they ignore her when she barks at them.

We finally saw a male and female robin. We have seen some wrens.  Hummingbirds are due to come in this week. Purple Martins should be coming in around the 1st of April. 

Four days this week we have appts. One changed times to a later hour, not real thrilled but it is what it is. As it's either the later time or 2 weeks from now. 

We made a list of what the errands are and then Brother texted me that Daddy had an annuity that just popped up. GEEZE, Daddy's been gone 3 yrs this coming July. You would think that places like this would clue in when banks accounts are closed. Brother thought it was part of the financial group we have but it's not.  I got the paperwork to get notarized only to find my name was misspelled. What a pain. SO more paperwork to fill out and get notarized. I am glad the person I am dealing with was willing to wait until we were already out this coming week.

I handed Hubby the break down of where our money went last year and the fact I cut the budget by $59,000 last year.(We spent $200,000 bringing this home to wheelchair accessible for our old age). He couldn't believe I was able to do that (taxes showed I did, if you don't pull it you don't spend it and it was out of my retirement not his). He was still upset when he saw he "blew" $15,000.  He has canceled some memberships he doesn't use, called his business insurance and got a reduction of $200 a MONTH.  I did show him that we might next year cancel Prime... right now it saved us $1000 in shipping and he watched the free shows. This year might not be worth paying for it. He also agreed to call me if he out buying something and wants buy something not on the list. 

We still have medical bills out, his MRI included. Eye appt. is Wed so we will know how much that is. We need to update wills etc. We need to have more in each of our own savings to cover monthly bills if something happens to the other one until estate would be settled. Hubby's is almost there but mine is lacking. 

Going into spring, I have 6 new strawberry beds, 3 new pollinator beds to fill and 1 heart shaped bed that I think will just be pretty flowers in the back yard as there is NOTHING there but the driveway to the pump house , barn and deck.

Have a great week
Prayers for peace
Blessed Be