Monday, May 14, 2018

Frugal week and No pictures but update on 209

I used my Free Mother's day gift of 8x10 photo from Walgreens for this picture ad Hubby's parents and grandparents had a picture hanging in their homes of their farms when Hubby was growing up. I thought it would be a good gift to Hubby.

I stopped in at Krogers and got asparagus (for daughter4 cookout for her son's birthday, was cheaper to buy them then take a trip over to 209) and strawberies and angel food cake for us for today (Mother's day). I used coupons and saved 1/3rd of costs. That's all I bought even though I would have loved to got some of the black bean hummus on sale with the coupon I had.

Daughter4 sent back the belt I had lent her so I don't have to go buy another belt or jeans since I've lost inches playing outside with the 3 dogs, mainly Charlotte,I gave her several shirts I was not longer wearing and I got a picture from my granddaughter in one of them as she went through the shirts first and got several tanks so Daughter4 won't have to buy her any for summer.

Hubby took some leftover fence down to Daughter4 and helped her build it with the wood she already had to block her dogs to the back so they would stay out of her garden pots and sq ft box at her trellis on the front porch.Since they were not able to move like they hoped to a bigger place with a bigger yard.He also put the dirt that was in the sq fts we tore up and took it to her. We won't be putting ours in until later this fall or next spring.

Son2 came up Saturday bringing  a car load of boxes for me to use to pack in and paid for our meal to go out to eat as he was suppose to come up today but had a conflict that would have put him here after 6 pm.Then he noticed I have a china buffet in the garage that I intended to redo... he thinks he would like if for his own dining room..I told him he had a week to decide plus he offered to buy it...then he wanted the tables and chairs Hubby just bought at auction... I'm not sure I am willing to give those up.

We used of Kroger fuel pts, and Speedway gift card for fuel this week.

Didn't go over to 209 unless we were needed as there was nothing we could do or we would be in the way of the contractors. Head contractor (who owns the business) is pushing to have it COMPLETED by  FIRST WEEK of JUNE.Told neighbors and seller that they needed to harvest asparagus and rhubarb as we wouldn't be there for a week. Hubby stopped by when he was coming home from some other place and said the daughters of the neighbor were out picking both areas. GOOD.

The one day we were there we used our coupons for DQ and I got my "summer has started" foot long coney (not many places around here do actual footlongs but do 2 hotdogs in 1 bun)

I canned 7 pints of pickled asparagus, 7 pints of asparagus soup, 11 pints of strawberry rhubarb pie filling, 11 qrts of rhubarb pie filling and 8 pints of victoria sauce (rhubarb). We had asparagus and rhubarb at every lunch with what I harvested.

Hubby dug up 2 maple tree starts that had been in the old sand box here and put them in pots to see if we can get them to grow a bit more before planting them over at 209.  There is another one right at the electric pole here he is going to try to dig up also but figures he will end up killing it.

Hubby went to auction and got a $700 patio table, 4 rocker swivel chairs,umbrella and stand,along with  post hole digger and auger for the tractor for  a total of $418.28. that doesn't cover the table let alone the post hole digger.

Our trailer that we haul anything and everything that's over 20 yrs old finally broke beyond repair .We use this 3-4 times a week plus Hubby has job offeres that require it also.Hubby found one on sale plus the price was getting ready to go up because cost of steel is going up with the next delivery of trailers

tractor on old trailer... new trailer that it will fit on better.

We went in to Menards to order the deck stuff on Wed.Solid part is where the French doors will be. Ramp will end at sidewalk to mudroom (AKA back door)
We had an estimate awhile back and it was almost $9000. We changed the flooring part to a textured compost, less chance of slipping when wet and what fasteners we were going to use and dropped the price below $6500. Sales person suggested we wait until this week to order is as the 11% sale would start again today.

I started a chuck roast I had got on sale last week for today's meal... I plan to take part of it for meals later this week of  beef, bell peppers and onion subs , a blue plate special of shredded beef, mashed potatoes with gravy over all of it and then maybe some noodles or at least soup with what is left. I have kale, red cabbage and apples to make a salad for tonight. I can fry what is left of the red cabbage to go with fried potatoes and smoked sausage for later this week

Head contractor sent me a Happy Mother's day email to let me know they plan on finishing gutting 2 walls that we wanted removed, drywall everything that needs is, carpentry work will be done, electrical will be finished and the plumbing for water and propane will be started and finished by this weekend also sanding the floors. Next week is primering ceiling and walls, doing knock down (looks like orange peel or golf ball dimples) on the ceiling, then painting the walls, then it's finish the flooring and the roof on the barn and spouting on the house.... He is hoping to have us ready to move in Memorial weekend.  I think he is looking positive when the negative of weeks delays are common with this house and his crews.

I did get this month's electric bill... it was -$1.00... not sure how we got a negative bill especially when there is a security light there that costs us $10.00/month to run. I'll have to check on that one this week.

Blessed Be