Monday, March 18, 2024

It's the little things that count

St Patrick's day and we got snow

 I mended 3 work shirts for Hubby. He is very hard on clothes and boots. He does not wear tennis shoes at all but sturdy work boots that do hold up well.But his long sleeve shirts take hits. He even ripped the neck line around a tee shirt and I was too afraid to ask what he caught it on, but E asked if Hubby had told me that he was carrying a limb and went to put it down and it caught on the neck of his shirt. I've seen E clothes, he has more patches than Hubby does. 😂

Last fall I lost 30 lbs while sick (not something I could afford to do) I borrowed clothes from a grandchild and took in some things with darts. I gave the clothes back to the grandchild when I gained 15 lbs. I am going to have to take up some tee shirts as I refuse to buy anything with how finances are going. 

We ended up taking a 6 hr round trip to drop off stuff to two of the kids.So I didn't bother to thaw the corned beef. One of the kids gave us money to eat out before we got home, we went to the local restaurant and got corned beef, cabbage and potatoes  😁. Hubby made a comment when the one asked if we could make their car payment right after admitting they had moved their friend and kids in with them... AFTER agreeing if he helped them they would NOT move someone in (common occurance it seems but I didn't know the agreement or I would have told him to not bother, they are a "rescuer"). Got mad when he asked for the last name, said that wasn't any of our business... he brought up it wasn't any of our business to pay their bills. Mom and Dad Bank was closed. They were like , that's cool, I don't need your money... well then why did you just ask for him to pay your car payment of a car you just bought?  Grandchild let us know later it was NOT our child's car payment that being asked for but the friend's car payment they just moved in. One grandchild is now living with adult sister and the other one is looking to move when they get enough money saved up and told landlord parent had moved another family in. Landlord increased the rent as it is in the lease moving someone else in would do so as the landlord gave a "break" because they are good friends with two of our other kids.

 LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH.Times like this I am glad I live 2 hrs away.

Another kid that we didn't drop off anything but they wanted a hug as they haven't seen us since Sept. (it's like that road goes both ways as the youngest (Kira) would tell you). Let us know the drama they had going on in their life ... hum... did you not listen when you asked advice the last time you went through this? NOPE as the older sibling said basically the same thing to them in front of us when they blew up their phone over the drama. That child made the comment they hate working 6-7 days a week to make ends meet but their goal is to buy a house (small one) in 5 yrs. but it did keep the drama out of their life as long as they cut other siblings whining off when on the phone. LOL.

We are using the wood stove enough though if we shut the windows it gets up to 80, we act "Amish"and leave windows and doors standing open to keep the house cooler but still use the wood stove. We now know why the upstairs windows open from the top instead of the bottom in a lot of the Amish houses around here. If we don't need another refill before Oct. I will only have to come up with $600 to order next year. I will do this in June as I get a discount by doing so. Hubby told me he had more wood coming from the sawmill as payment for moving stuff around for the sawmill. They have a back hoe that an Englisher owns but if he can't be there to move stuff due to his job, he okayed for Hubby to use the back hoe. Hubby said he needed dry and not windy weather to move 2 more cords of wood to the wood shed and when it's windy and wet he is in the barn cutting wood and splitting it from the sawmill. E dragged another log up from the woods for us to have. It's too big for his stove and he does not split wood. They cut trees that are about 6-8 inches around that they don't want to grow anyways. Hubby said we have next year's wood if we don't have to burn wood in June. 

The electric bill dropped $17. Hubby was happy but couldn't figure out why the drop. Maybe because I walked through the barn and turned off power strips he had stereo and 2 fans running (I do not know why as there is no onions or garlic curing there). I turned off most of the night lights he had running and moved one to the bookcase beside the wood stove so we can see what we are doing when "feeding" the stove in the night.Leave open the mudroom blind on door as the security light *that went up to $12/m* could light that room and the curtain in his bathroom. Someone would have to be coming out of the barn to see him get out of the shower if he forgot to shut the curtain. NO one goes through our barn but us. 

It will go up with the grow cart lights being on now but that will only be for 4-6 wks. more.  I don't have the growcart and the table lights on 

We went out to eat... something we really have restricted with the IRS and OH state and school tax bills. We went to Chinese restuarant that has dine in for lunch. Saved $19 then we would have spent going to the local diner for Lent. We still had seafood.  We stopped at Burger King for Oreo shake to celebrate our Forever home anniversary.(3.10.2018 signed papers)

We bought gas and diesel for on site. Saving $30 at the time of purchase.It's more now as Hubby said he saw diesel at the gas station had went up and he is still filling from home.

I have enough credit left on Propane acct to fill our tank 1 1/2 times. IF we can make this last fill last until after Oct 1st. I won't need to buy as much when I order for the coming winter. I will drop order 100 gallons. Another reason the wood stove is on instead of the propane furnace. Which is another reason Hubby is working on cutting wood every other day if not daily except for Sunday.

He bartered for 5 gallons of mineral oil (lamp oil). 

We changed some appts that were scheduled April 9th. We are in the path of the eclipse ... Hubby is Ham radio which is part of EMS/ Homeland security so he will be working to help with traffic etc. One of the doctors laughed when he told them why he was changing his appt. The doctor then decided to call everyone after that and just shut his office down for the 8th and 9th. Called Hubby and thanked him for reminding him how bad the traffic could be and phone service might not be working right. Felt it was better for his patients to not deal with that and he was going to work longer hours to work everyone back in .

I am not on Humira any more. I take Visbiome OTC not prescription strength. My GI let me know the results from my hospital stay was that my Crohn's is in remission. The one GI from the hospital ,could not understand how that could be without being on a biologic. He said he told them I take Visbiome and I eat foods that I grow or the local farmers grow and don't eat much processed food (most of the restuarants we eat at fix their own food). My GI feels a lot of IBS and IBD is coming from the chemicals in the food we eat or what they are "wrapped" in when it comes to fast food.My GI grows most of his own food so he practices what he advises.

Prayers for sanity and peace (less drama) 

Blessed Be