Wednesday, May 29, 2019

One thing after another... Air fryer also

Rain every other day, ground is now like bricks from the beating. Couldn't even get the tiller to break it up... so Hubby spaded up holes for some of the plants and we put compost and potting soil in the holes with the plants. The beans are not going to make at all. Popcorn is still iffy...At least we didn't lose them in the 2 inches of rain we got in 90 mins or the constant daily down pours ... yet... Neighbor E lost the entire front garden they had just planted with seeds.... haven't been able to get back in it to replant. He lost the hay he just planted and might lose 2 fields of corn that aren't being able to dry out.

We cut the last of the asparagus and left the tall ones to become ferns and gave it to H and his family as their asparagus didn't do well and they got 3 meals out of it.

The day before the tornadoes came through we had wind damage...
This is looking out my bedroom window. Winds took the roof off the basement ramp... thankful there was no damage to house and a few blocks knocked loose that can be dealt with a temporary fix and this area is on next years to completely redo.
It landed at the end of kitchen porch,
Got stopped by the crabapple tree.
Hubby tied it to the tree and the porch brace to stop it from going anywhere else until the winds calmed down.

Next day he cemented the blocks back that had shifted and fixed the roof and put it back on.

He added braces to it that should stop it from being able to be lifted even though it weighed about 200 lbs. It's closer to 300 now with the braces

Tree didn't get damaged, not even bark knocked off.

Since Hubby had to go get cement for the basement ramp, he fixed the yard clothesline that the deadman came out of ground and let the pole lean in when he went to tighten the lines so the sheets wouldn't drag. Said it was dried before it rained (tornadoes went through but didn't damage anything here or around us) But he needs to drive the tractor over the dirt to pack it down when the yard isn't a mud puddle.

this is in what we call the cubby... area between the two porches... babies are getting ready to learn to fly... I never can get a shot of them sticking their heads out. AND since this is an area that the dogs can get to  I put up fence so if the birds fall to the ground they have a chance to get back up before the dogs get to them.

Since the water hose valve is there I put a big flower pot there with 3 stones to keep it weighed down, turned another flower pot upside down inside it and then put one of my hanging planters on top of it. We can move the pot when needed and yet the dogs won't mess with it. I am glad we keep this stuff around.

I started cooking in the air fryer... May 19th....

Hand pies were good and will be on the menu more often
So I decided to try a pork loin
and heard a pop and then watched the inside glass break... I emailed a complaint through Amazon to the seller. I did acknowledge that I knew this was a supplier issue and would like a replacement instead of a refund.  I was thinking I wouldn't get an answer back,until Monday. Sunday night they responded...
Monday they let me know they contacted their supplier of that safety glass and Tuesday they shipped this
I did NOT have to nag, battle or anything else... 1 email and it was done and I had heard there was issues with their customer service. I didn't have any, if anything I would say it was the best customer service I've dealt with in the past months.
SO after cleaning, heating, cleaning and reheating it (it's coated with protective oil on inside) I cooked this
10 mins and it was on the platter and on the kitchen porch table for our snack.

Memorial day we had this
Steaks on the grill with

onion rings and broccoli fries.... CRISPY in 15 min. I did rotate the trays every 5 mins.

IF you noticed in the picture I have a wood cutting board under it and on the end of the bfast bar. It does produce heat on the bottom and I don't want heat on my counter top. It's on the end which was due to space but I can tell you it helped with the heat coming off it. The air around it came up 10 degrees.... yes I measured it. I made sure there was NO paper or anything that could catch fire close to it (think stove). I like it that it's big... I could get 4 trays in it with 2 being onion rings that take more space so had to adjust to that.

Not sure what I will pop in it next.

THEN I went to the doctor for follow up due to getting bronchitis hoping I was good to start my biologic...

NOPE... I am borderline bronchial pneumonia ... different meds along with inhaler 6 times a day do deep breathing exercises every 30 mins.. and go back the 18th of June.  AND then if I am HEALTHY I can start my biologic.

Hubby has had to turn down a couple jobs, they don't want to pay him even his costs and he's not going to lose money to get work. E asked me what was going on and I told him , the other guy's truck is gas and Hubby's is diesel which costs more plus Hubby's livestock trailer is bigger so uses more fuel to pull and he's not going to lower to match someone else and lose money. E said it's like him using 6 horses (more oats and hay ) to pull his equipment where his brother N uses 3 horses (less oats and hay) . Yep you got it.