Wednesday, January 3, 2024

We need rain, went to store and chosing greenhouse to buy

 Where the brown grass is to green grass is where the top of pond usually is. The pallets are usually under water for the fish to hide in. WE NEED RAIN for ponds and cisterns  AND SNOW for the deep wells.

I have researched greenhouses and am strongly looking at a canopia by Palram (Amazon, Tractor supply and Lowes sell them) I need to decide on size so I know how much a floor will cost me. Amish just use vinyl weed barrier. So I might go that way as I can get that from Amish greenhouse down the road. 

I went to the store... we were almost out of fresh veggies and cereal. I buy cereal as we are not big bread eaters. I need folic folic acid dropped, caused my potassium to drop and it was not a pretty picture. I actually debated on pulling the cereal costs out of the medical budget since that's the only reason I buy it. I would rather eat my meds than pop a pill.

ANYWAYS. I stayed close to budget. I do think I set the budget too low for this time of year but it will average out for the year... Right? I get the green house up and going and next winter I might not have to buy all the fresh veggies.

I bought some meat that was on sale and I have coupons for. I am low of beef crumbles, sloppy joes and taco meat. I got a chuck roast on sale and then marked down. I will be making beef stew and beef and noodles with it. I got light and fluffy extra wide noodles for tuna noodle.

I got a free birthday cake from Krogers as it's my birthday month.Hubby thought it was funny Kroger's knows my birthday is this month but his entire family that makes a big to do about birthdays never remember mine even though it's the same day as his dad's. My parents was the same way, my brother never remembers either. It used to hurt, now it just doesn't matter. Hubby remembers and so does the kids. 

The menu changed as Hubby wants to use the new deep fryer. I put the hamburger pie in the freezer. Will fix the chicken that is now thawed as sweet and sour chicken with rice and stir fry some veggies with it. So we can do some deep frying this weekend. I want to make kofta. I saw the recipe in Milkstreet magizine and it looked interesting. Hubby likes to try different foods from other countries.

I got broccoli and cauliflower for broccoli,cauliflower salad, veggie plate, California blend (I have carrots),in some salads and stir fries.

I got red cabbage and green cabbage for salads, coleslaw and frying.

I got celery as I do celery, carrots and onions as mirepoix

I got 3 bags of mixed salad and 2 containers of mixed greens. That will last a week to 10 days then it will be canned cole slaw, raw carrot salad etc..

I can do a cold veggie pizza with ranch dressing.

I got cucumbers to slice in salads, to dice up and mix with cream cheese for sliders.

I got shredded carrots (because I am lazy) for sunshine salad, leaf salads and sauces. 

I got mushrooms and bell peppers (NOT GREEN as I can't eat those, actually green bell peppers are not ripe that is why they are green). I do a lot of bell pepper, mushrooms and onions. Am going to start adding a bit of ginger (now in freezer) and garlic to it for health.

I got avocados for salads and guac (I got tomatoes on the vine and cherry tomatoes. We snack on cherry tomatoes). 

I got kale as I know autumn stew is on the menu this month at least once and I can put the kale in salads or dehydrate it for kale chips. 

We know we will have to go get milk two more times this month but that is all we should need.

Prayers for peace

Blessed be