Monday, June 19, 2023

Taking inventory, figuring out garden

 We will need corn, peas, sweet potatoes, Roma green beans and yellow wax beans. Broccoli and cauliflower would be nice. 

We have potatoes in the garden and if they make at least what they did last year we will have plenty. 

E is growing extra canning corn for us.

Peas are coming on slowly, I will replant more late summer for fall crop

Roma beans and yellow wax beans are up but only about half came up. I hope they make enough for at least fresh eating though I would like to have some to can. 

I do have 4 broccoli plants, not sure they are going to make as it's been slow. Four is not enough to have a lot for the freezer but it's better than none. 

I could not find cauliflower plants. So that will have to be bought at store. There are a couple local farmer's markets that I will check later in the season.

I need blueberries. I hope next year our bushes will be producing enough for us but this year like M I will be buying what I need. I need pie filling, preserves and some frozen.

I would like to have black raspberries also for the same reasons of blueberries.

After reading Pioneer Woman's blog of stocking the pantry. I checked my condiments and baking stuff... 

I am out of Arrowroot completely along with Mirin aka rice wine. Hubby was wondering how I pulled the last of the Arrowroot and not notice it. BECAUSE I store that in 2 places and figure it was in back up in the loft and it wasn't.

I am low on black olives, canned mushrooms, garlic stuffed green olives, pepperoncini peppers, pistachio pesto (the only one we eat), green chilis (I use with tomatoes instead of Rotel), roasted red peppers in jar, hot sauce, fish sauce, Worcestershire, and beef broth (the only broth I don't make myself as I don't have access to the bones to make it).

I have checked prices on line to figure out best price as we will be near several stores this week.

Dollar General/Aldi's/Save-A-Lot/ Walmart/Meijer's/ Kroger's and Amazon.

I need to refigure the finances since Hubby is closing the business plus going on Medicare that will come out of his SS. I think we will have the truck payment come out of that also... I got to play with the numbers as we see the finance guy Thursday.

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace 

Busy week

 Wide awake at 1 am. SIGH. 

What is going on this week...


Hubby is calling to check on when the truck will be done and then to see if the reimbursement for the wrecker bill is in the works. The Amish gentleman made a point of getting the message back to Hubby he had called the insurance and gave them the info they needed from him.

He is meeting the young man that is buying the livestock trailer at his bank to sign over the title and get the check . 

I am in harvesting and weeding mode along with regular Monday of dishes, laundry, clean frigs, trash to the road and fixing meals. I will add that I will be figuring out how to start my strawberries off the runners so the winds don't blow the small pots away. 

I also need to pull test results from Hubby's chart from Neurologist for primary as the primary doesn't do internet.


Daughter 3 is having out patient GYN surgery. Her daughter is going to be with her since she's over 18 and a nurse. The good news is (beside this long wait for surgery is over) is while visiting with the doctor, she over heard of a job of doing computer work for medical bills to one insurance from home. She got hired and is earning 30 cents more an hour, no need to drive her car so saving $30 a week there, can take her 2 youngest to school and go get them so not paying someone else to do that. No weekend, evening and holiday work. She just has to get the daily billing done. SO she can even do it while down from the surgery as it's ALL ON LINE and she will be sitting anyways.

We will got to bank, need to update POD's and such.

IF we don't get rain I will be watering and harvesting of course


Son2 has an appt. with VA doctor , he is jumping hoops as he worked the burn pits in Iraq. This is the 3rd doctor and they already told him that he would have to see a 4th doctor. SIGH

Weeding and harvesting

We will have to make arrangements for our trees to be delivered it the truck is not fixed by then. Local nursery had fruit trees discounted so we stopped in to replace the 5 that died. 

We got 2 honey crisp apples, 2 bartlett pears, 2 black cherry, 2 red maple, 2 crabapple and 2 "fruit cocktail". Yes, that is what they are called because they are grafted with mixed fruit. I think it's peach, plum and pear. We spent the same amount of money we would have spent on 5 in the spring for all 12 now. Now we just have to figure out where to put them.


Is errand day because Chiro doc is out this Tuesday, he is in treatment for brain cancer (3 yrs now and doing well) so we moved it to Thursday as we have a meeting with our finance guy that day. Hubby's Dad will have a colonoscope also and get the test results of his CT scan of his stomach. We will go the to the store then also since we will drive right by it coming home.


Watering if no rain, weeding and harvesting.

Is open at this point but I am really hoping it is bring the truck home and return the rental though I LOVE driving the rental. 

Saturday is Field Day for HAM radio operators so Hubby will be involved with that.