Tuesday, February 16, 2010

snow and sick...sick of snow also

Tashy our snow dog that we bribe to come in.She makes my joints ache let alone her own.We don't let her stay out long since she is so old and disabled as it is.

Cookie our house"cat" dog, the one we bribe to go out.She is old too but acts like she is 2 or 3

back yard that hubby snow blowed to get the dogs to use the yard to potty in instead of the drive way right at the kitchen door

the ice sicle that I watch grow daily while I sit on the couch sick with a head and chest cold. Wouldn't be surprised to see it reach the ground.

and that is how it's been since I got back from GA on Friday.I haven't made it to the store between me being sick and the weather. Glad I had a full pantry even though now we are out of fresh veggies ( except for a few carrots left)and fruit.I did have hubby pick up milk after his class on Friday since he got in before I did
today I feel better, not well, but could do things...right ...like do too much and collapse tomorrow and get even sicker than I have been. Old enough to know it, BUTTTT thankfully the weather is keeping me house bound or I would go anyways.
I have a really good menu for the next 4-6 wks and I want to pick up the groceries for it and get started on it...not eat leftover casseroles out of the freezer or hodge podge meals out of the pantry. I don't want my green veggie to be okra( sorry to my loved ones that love it).
I don't think I've had fresh brocolli in 3 wks...whine whine whine. LOL. Definately spoiled about not eating in season.Need to work on that, veggies and fruit in season cost a lot less.
well Time for next round of meds...
be careful, be safe, be blessed