Saturday, March 24, 2018

What I have done to save $$$ this week

A new Casey's General Store was put into a village we drive through between 209 and home, we stopped to check it out and get milk as it was the ONLY thing I needed and I knew if I went to a regular store I would be tempted to buy sale stuff. We did pay HIGHER for the milk , but saved time, gas and what ever I would have spent on sale stuff. 

I cooked a corned beef , ate half and saved the other half in the freezer. I pulled it back out last night for todays dinner.

I cooked 3 lbs of chicken breast, had that one night, some of it in a chicken cordon blu soup the next and put the rest in the freezer. Looking at possible chicken salad this coming week. We had the last of that soup with lunch meat wraps for lunch.

We ate out 1 night because a group of Hubby's ex co workers was at the local restaurant celebrating a person retiring and they let us know. We got the special of the night and brought home half of each of our meals to eat the next day. I still have 1 baked potato that well be a twice baked potato to go with the corned beef tonight.

We had scrambled eggs and biscuits last night even though neither of us was hungry...can't growl at Daddy for not eating and taking meds if I do it myself.

I ordered construction paper in the colors of the rooms of 209 to use for labels on the packing boxes. Was cheaper than buying ink for the printer.

Daughter2 has given us ALL the boxes she had used  and unpacked from her move with the comment we shouldn't have more to pack than she did...until we pointed out how many black trash bags and 14 suitcases that was also packed  😛not touching what the boys all carried out that was theirs and took to where ever they were staying.

I mentioned going to Menards and immediately the dogs got excited... yeah we take them when we go to Menards LOL

Cooking stove was finally in for pick up, Hubby needed to pick up lights for the barn, electrician told him how many and it's 11 % rebate and I needed rubbermaid totes (18 gal) plus we needed ideas and prices for a couple things. I didn't get the totes as I wasn't willing to pay that price but we got tons of ideas and prices for the rest along with the lights and finally my stove.

I found the same rubbermaid totes online at Home Depot (we don't have one close) and ordered them for 1/3 rd of the price even with shipping.

I usually check prices on line before going to buy. Right now the search is for barn doors for the bathroom...think that is going to be a make it your self project.

On the menu

waffles , as we haven't had them in a long time
eggs sandwich choice of bread/bagel/wrap/English muffin
cream of wheat or oatmeal
egg burrito 
Homemade Egg McMuffin

lunch meat wraps
grilled cheese and baked beans
grilled cheese with lunch meat
soup of choice with bread or crackers
soft taco/bean and cheese burritos
chicken or egg salad
beef veggie soup (homemade and canned)

leftover corned beef with leftover baked potato as twice baked  and green veggie pears
quiche with 3 bean salad,  fruit cocktail
chicken(leftover) salad or hot chicken wrap with salad, mango
Fried G & R bolonga with pickles and cole slaw and sweet potato wedges,pineapple chunks
Sausage patties on thin bagels,cottage cheese and beets/pickles, pineapple rings
beef noodles on mashed potatoes and cole slaw and applesauce
pasta with loaded veggie sauce, tropical fruit
creamed turkey over biscuits or waffles cole slaw and pumpkin custard

fig newtons (Aldi)
choc Chip cookies (Aldi....went to go get these for Daddy and grabbed some for us to carry to 209, no more can't take meds because I forgot to bring food )
lemon bars
granola bars 

Will make a couple different muffins... for bfast and snacks that can be carried ... probably spice and apple  along with oatmeal cranberry 

Grocery list with this menu

hamburger buns
cole slaw mix 
 assorted veggie appetizer that can be baked...that is anywhere from poppers to eggrolls.Hubby is craving fried foods and if I put it on the table as baked 3-4 times he will get past the craving. 

Blessed Be