Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Gardens are mostly in... North garden

I still need to plant runner beans (they are dried soup beans) with the four patches of corn and have about a dozen herbs to pot and the flower pots are root bound and need redone also... BUT for the most part it's in 

Asparagus is mostly ferns now, it's on the right of this pic. Some herbs are on both sides of the weed barrier. This fall I will move them to the south side The red pot has artisan lilies.

the weed barrier on the left is the first row of raspberries... Hubby will be cutting grass when the heat breaks on Friday. I one handedly pulled weeds from around the actual plants. He is planning of some different mulch to help with that issue.

There are some runner beans between the raspberry bushes on the first 2 rows as they are just starting to get leaves and the beans will be done before they come up the trellis

The black pot is a maple tree we started from SEED from the old maple tree of the old farm, terra cot pot is a lilac start that actually bloomed this year so I will be finding a place to put it in the spring. The trellis to the left is the blackberry vines... they are covered with blooms so if I get to them before the birds do we should have a decent harvest. The brown bare dirt is popcorn and sweet corn and zucchini, yellow squash and cantaloupe.

red pots are blueberry bushes... first year to even get blueberries and we thought we wouldn't because the freeze hit after they had blooms. I would like a couple more bushes,  Two of the green buckets have bay laurels trees  and the other green and white one have wintergreen in them.  There are 6 boxes of 6 different strawberries ...They will be transplanted to the south gardens next spring. There are some onions (being pulled daily) and lettuces in with them. This is the first year for them and they are filling out the boxes faster than I expected since they also got hit with the freeze right after I planted them.There is rhubarb along the left side that blends into the tree line. It's red rhubarb and didn't do well this year, no one's has either. I am transplanting them next spring but not sure if over to the south gardens or towards the east end closer to where the popcorn is.

 close up of one of the boxes.

I spent 3 hrs today fertilizing and watering everything. So irrigation system is a going to be a must by next spring.