Monday, December 25, 2017

Dec 14th each frugal day until the 26th

14th I had appointment in town with ortho doctor about my surgery arm this morning so Hubby took me as I had other errands and he wanted to get gas (gas buddy and speedway card) He picked up my CVS prescription (FRUGAL FAIL forgot to show CVS card so didn't get credit towards extra bucks) while I was at the doctor's. I ran into Walmart after the appoint to get the 7 inch sq disposable plates I use to vacuum cookies and a new mouse for laptop. Mine died, Hubby gave me his so I got the new one for him.Got gas on way home as we found the other Speedway was 3¢ cheaper than to one we had planned to go to. Sat down and figured out how much taxes we would pay if we pulled money from the 401K this month on top of the earnings from work. Car is going down hill fast since the transfer case is no longer working, Used left over London broil with onions and mushrooms to make wraps for our meal. Hubby picked up the turkeys we are deep frying for SCARES on Saturday from a friend that bought them and had them thawing at his house, Hubby also brought home 2 sandwiches after he went to grandson's bowling meet. Used coupons for sandwiches so bought one and got one. He got the cheaper sandwiches instead of our favorites. Both of us are watching how much we eat not just what we eat.

15th. Had to go start paperwork for pre approval of mortgage for new home. Checked gasbuddy for cheapest gas, used speedway fuel card for discount, got breakfast sandwich for our lunch at Speedway as Hubby had a coupon for buy 1 get one free and they were $2 for the 2 of them so we got 2 sandwiches for $1 and we had our drinks. Mortgage guy said for not being out of a bankruptcy for even a year yet we have done very well at rebuilding our savings and  credit. Usually credit takes 2 yrs to rebuild after bankruptcy and if he hadn't seen the date he would have thought it was over 2 yrs (GO US) SIDE NOTE if you are or have been in a bankruptcy get a copy of your payments so if you go to get any kind of loan in the 4 yrs after you have that because they will ask for it. On the way home we stopped at a restaurant (planned) that we were told by Hubby's co workers that was reasonable... FOR LESS than the price at MC D's or WENDY'S we had a balanced meal and drink even with leaving a tip.I brought part of my sandwich and fries home.  We have 2 financial places. One with 401(k) work and one we rolled over pension to into an IRA. We contacted both of them to get that scheduled to get rolling as needed in mortgage. We snacked on what we had in frig when we got munchies.

16th Hubby fixed bfast from pantry. We have a Christmas dinner tonight with the SCARES so we will snack for lunch as we will be prepping 30 lbs of potatoes donated by our daughter, for mashed potatoes and deep frying 2 turkeys. Turkeys came from friend so our outlay is only the cost of the oil that we bought at Sam's club and we donate the used oil to a friend that heats his work shop with it and will give us "credit" for oil when we have work done by him.

17th  Started making candy and cookies for the kids from the pantry. Fixed today's and tomorrow's meals

18th Took our truck to mechanic for oil change and tires (on sale). Had MRI (paid by ins) of shoulder that had surgery during the summer

19th Had appointment with finance guy so used coupon and ate lunch at a restaurant we only are around when in that area. At leftovers for dinner.

20th Hubby was in Wapak to meet a couple friends so picked up prime rib we had ordered that was in that town also. We ate from the pantry as I was finishing cookies and candy so Hubby could make the snickerdoodles when he got in.

21st  We checked the kids schedules and routed the cookie delivery to be the shortest route. Our daughter paid for our lunch as we had to deliver the Christmas stuff to her at work.

22nd Hubby had bfast with ex co workers using a gift card he was given to pay for it. I made dinner from the pantry and freezer

23rd We were just hanging around the house when the dogs started barking and when I went to the door I found our one daughter that had been living with a friend climbing out of her car with her suitcase. One this child would not be on our door step unless it's last resort. The place she was suppose to get on Friday got backed up as the elderly lady isn't going into the nursing home until Jan now so she came home rather than stay with the friend and strain that relationship. We ate from the pantry and she talked about what she thought should be her "share of the housework, groceries and rules about coming in." I am not sure but it sure sounded a lot like the same rules we had when she was 17 and living at home LOL. She agreed she would help pay the electric bill , the only bill that will be affected by her staying here especially since we had to put an electric heater in the room she is using upstairs. She offered to take the items I am going to take to Goodwill with her and drop them off when she goes to work saving us a trip to town as the Goodwill is within a couple blocks of her job. She also started looking (again) for another place just incase the elderly lady doesn't go in to the nursing as what was planned.

24th Daughter went and got a couple of her sons and one of their girlfriends to come see us, she provided the drinks and snacks for everyone. We had the prime rib, daughter ate it as leftover when she got in and did the dishes (that was nice to wake up to a clean sink) and the 2 sons that usually come called after they got home from work. I put together a stocking for my daughter since she was going to be here separate from what we had already given her that she saved to open with her sons at their other grandparents on Christmas.

25th  We ate left over sweet rolls for bfast, snacky food that had been given to us for lunch and leftover prime rib with onions mushrooms for philly steak wraps for dinner.  Daughter came up with a menu from the pantry after I wrote out what we had going on this week so she knew where we were and could help take care of the dogs(which 2 are hers anyways). We also talked of shower schedules as she leaves for work at 9 and won't be home until after 6 and maybe later as she tries to help her ex run the boys to sports practice and games.  Hubby had to dig the cars out by hand as he didn't want to bother the landlord on Christmas as usually he has someone come take care of that.. We haven't had snow to amount to anything on Christmas day in 7 yrs. I put the prime rib bones and fatty meat to simmer for broth to finish the broth on Wed and sliced the rest for the freezer. I will give Army son some as he is bringing us some ham on Wed.

Tomorrow is the 26th  We will be at Daddy's to give him his presents (he has always celebrated Boxing Day as it was his mother's habit) We have gift cards that was given to us to take him out to lunch. Our other 3 daughters went together to give us cash to leave tip money and have gas to go. Daughter that lives with us had a friend let her know he was dropping off chili to her at work tomorrow so we will have that if we are hungry after getting back tomorrow. I also have homecanned soup if we don't want the chili.

Daughter that moved in ran vacuum and decluttered a WHOLE room AND my small desk. I really hope her OCD stays kicked in until we get 2 more rooms done LOL.

Blessed be