Saturday, October 28, 2023

Winter train coming

 We have been here 6 yrs. first time the oak leaves turned any color beside dead brown. There are a few that are burgundy in the higher limbs.

Weather forecast is going from warm fall (usually mid 60s is now in 70s) to below FREEZING in mornings with high's in high 30s to low 40s.. Was supposed to come in today, has slowed down to come in Monday morning.

I am about half way through the tomatoes, I might finish them on Sunday just because I don't want to run in and out through that cold of temp from a home that is 75- 80 with a wood stove. Monday should be the latest. I plan to make some juice so I can use it to make chili. I'm down to 5 pints.

I finished applesauce. 6 pints

I have apple jam waiting in frig to jar and can today.

I have apple peels and cores to strain and press to make apple butter today. Might finish apple butter tomorrow as it sometimes takes hours to get to cook down.

I pulled the last of the onions from the gardens, they are in barn to cure. I pulled radishes the bugs didn't eat, moved my herbs in pots to protected area and got 1 row of the berries weeded. Hubby told me he would finish them. I told him to leave the pollinator gardens alone. The birds are still picking at the seeds.

I need to check space in freezers, Hubby wants to get hams and another turkey this week. I am not sure we have that much room.

Lord, I am tired of this head/chest cold. 

Prayers for Peace

Blessed Be