Friday, February 22, 2019

Routines change...

It used to be that if my routine got messed up even a little I would end up sick the next day.

Then we bought this house and routines went out the door and it was more like survivor mode.It's no wonder Hubby and I both have been sick pretty much from Sept when we moved in until now.

Hubby asked for me to work out a routine that WE can handle as he is looking at coming out end of March from his seasonal work so he can get started on working on the punch list left for here. Plus he has a deep sea fishing trip in May with his BFF that is retiring out March 1st

I want to have the gardens set up the latest by mid April (prefer end of March but hey we live in OHIO so winter still hits in March and some in April) and the gravel in by end of April with the deck on before he goes fishing mid May.

We have a dogwood halo bush, grape harbor and apple tree that need trimmed. Hostas, daylilies, lilac, halo bushes and maple tree that need transplanted from now to March.

I was okay... when do you want this routine to start? I'm thinking since he is looking at stopping the season job end of March that would be when...NO , he decides March in NEXT WEEK.!!!

I'm like "but you are still working for another month, how is that going to happen?

It's MY routine he wants changed starting March and then he can slide into MY routine... okay, since I am slow at changing routines and have next to nothing that I thought was working until he pointed out I do have things that are working but I need to "fine tune" that routine.

Hubby gets up around 4 and he puts dog food down and gets the dogs fresh water and lets them out and back in. He wakes me up if I am not already awake at 6. We have a cup of coffee together and at 6:15 WE open the curtains and he starts getting around for work and I start laundry. Neither of us eats bfast of a regular bases. He goes to work, I get dressed and continue with laundry. If I need to bake bread I will start bread at this time. I continue with laundry until it's all washed and on the line or drying rack. Baking bread when it's ready.While laundry is rolling I do emails, blog, Facebook (aka, check on the grandkids as they no longer even text it's all social media), pay bills. I have found if I do 2-3 loads a day, it is easier to dry if I have to use the drying rack,even if it means I do a load before I go to bed to put on the rack to dry over night.

Around 8-9ish I eat a light snack.

Then it's what ever....

11:30 I stop what ever and have lunch along with 90% of my meds. He would stop also.

12:30 I will do what ever...

2 pm I stop for tea and snack, maybe prep supper if needed.

3:30 I stop and shower, put laundry away if dry,(sometimes this is after supper) prep supper, talk to Hubby about his day from 4-4:30. Finish supper, put dishes in dishwasher, wash anything that doesn't go in dishwasher, put what ever we are eating the next day to thaw in frig. Watch the 6 news for weather report. Answer text from Daughter 4 or phone call from Son 2. One or both connect at this time of day as they are both single living alone and decided this is two fold, we know they are ok and they know we are ok.

6:30... decide what needs done for tomorrow.

7:30, run dogs out for potty party ,yeah if I yell that they all go outside without battle. I think Rascal was a house cat in another life.  Pick up dog food, give fresh water. Check emails, blog,and FB.

8 pm... Hubby zones out in front of tv for 1 hr (he puts it on timer) I go to the bedroom and do devotional, mediation, journal writing, kindle and then read whatever bedside book (something I have already read, new books make me think too much at bedtime or worse I read the whole book and not sleep).

10 pm SHOULD be lights out... it's been MIDNIGHT the last month.Even with turning the lights out I lay there, so get up , go sit and rock and watch the dogs sleep instead. Midnight... I go back to bed and go right to sleep.I think the change in my meds is affecting my sleep.

SO what am I going to change on the routine.

Morning routine and after supper routines work ...floating around the day doing what ever isn't... most likely because I am not sure what is most important(all of it is important LOL).

I'm going back closer to the routine I ran when I was raising my kids...just sleeping in a bit as I am NOT getting up at 4 am unless I must.

5:00 A.M. rise and shine... potty, start laundry, dogs, start bread if needed

5:15 COFFEE...

5:30 get dressed, open curtains,2nd coffee

5:45 start 2nd load of laundry hang laundry on line or rack,
 start baking if doing something besides bread, Bread on 2nd rise.

6:15 3rd coffee, bfast, prep lunch and supper

6:30 continue with laundry/ baking/housekeeping/ computer

8 am garden:plant,weed, harvest/pantry and freezers/punch list

9:30 water break, snack

9:45 garden:plant, weed, harvest/pantry and freezers/punch list

11:15 wash up for lunch

11:30 LUNCH

NOON process harvest/pantry and freezers/ housekeeping/ punch list

2 pm Tea time with snack,computer

2:15 process harvest, punch list

4 pm SHOWER, put laundry away, start supper,prep tomorrow's bfast, plan tomorrow's lunch.supper and snacks.Supper, Son 2/Daughter 4, dishwasher loaded and set, hand dishes washed

6 pm News WATCH WEATHER. mending, decide tomorrow' priority, finish processing harvest of the day/ cut dog nails if needed/finances/ work on sewing

8 pm dog food up/potty party/ dog biscuit/ put tomorrow's 1st load in washer to be kicked on in morning/ check calendar and make sure everything is ready for the next day.Lay out tomorrow's clothes.

8:30 devotional, journal writing, read

10 pm lights out

Hubby came home from work and looked this over and thought it looked good but I was going to want to change some stuff as he won't be coming out until END of April unless they let him go before that.... He wants to increase how much propane we buy by 2 tanks instead of the 1 tank I budgeted for. He also wants to buy some "spare tires for the commercial trailer he just bought. Asked me to REWORK the budget to add commercial tags for trailer and truck that is in June and I told him to take it out of HIS account not the joint and it would be fine. I don't count on anything in his account as it's the odd jobs he is picking up just like my account is. Joint acct is retirement money that pays the bills.

BUT with him working until end of April means there is things that he was going to do through the week that NEEDS done , that he isn't going to get to. I need to go back through the punch list and pull what I can handle doing by myself. I also need to learn how to run the mower on the tractor. I can drive the tractor but haven't done much with the mower on is or the fork lift and bucket. Need some practice on that because it looks like I just got the mowing part until May and that's 12 hrs each time WITHOUT trimming. Trimming is another 6 hrs.

The good thing is it's Friday. I need to make noodles this morning , do the floors and trim the halo bush this afternoon. Everything else is done for the day. I woke up at 3 when the weather alert went off and got up and worked through my list.