Monday, November 16, 2009

Hi I am Chef ( Julia) Owings

I am a Personal Chef , not cordon bleu trained .

I am a wife, a mother of 6( over 18 but I am not sure about the "grown" part), grandmother to over 20 not counting their pets and the "mommy" to 2 very large dogs.

This is probably not the best timing I have for starting a blog. So forgive me if I spit and sputter in getting this rolling

I am looming( lap loom) afghans for all the kids and grandkids. should have started it earlier and worked more steady on it during the year. Writing 1667 words each day for the Nat'l Novel Writer month and cooking Tday dinner for around 50. Most dishes made from scratch and I do all the cooking. OKAY hubby deep fries 2-3 small turkeys but I still roast a large one amongst the 100 dishes that is served. We have our dinner on the Sunday before Tday so our kids that are in food service or in military can come for dinner. Also keeps the "we spent last yr with your parents" arguements down.

If that wasn't enough, we bake 120 dozen( yes you read that correctly) cookies for the kids, not including candy, buckeyes etc. AND our one son volunteered us for 60 dozen cookies for Operation Thank You to send to the troops. Some times all you can do is love them for believing in you. AND ask for the money for ingredients.

I just wanted to pop in, say hello and get this blog rolling.

until we meet again

Blessed Be