Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I am buying the month of May

I've wrote the buy list over 6 times...then let it lay and come back and think

Dollar General
Advil Allergy and Congestion
Sensodyne toothpaste
Super Glue
hand soap

Check prices for :
corned beef hash
corned beef
cream of chicken soup
V8 Fusion (doctor told me to add this as my body doesn't absorb nutrients like it should)
Carnation Essentials Low sugar

Xlear nose spray

check prices for:
 make up that needs replaced to see if it's on sale

Menards (hopefully at 11% rebate)
dog food
dog biscuits
dog snap treats

cottage cheese
Greek yogurt
lunch meat


Amish produce auction
 I am hoping to buy the following
tomato plants
bell pepper plants,
flats of flowers (for two of our daughters and myself)
I might buy some other plants...depends on what is offered and what the price is.