Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Turkey and ham

still need stocked but this is the "season" for this stocking . Prime rib for Christmas eve if we can find it at a decent price. This was the first thing we stocked when we moved last year. So it's been a year of knowing what it cost us to stock this pantry.

Hubby was gifted with a Walmart gift card  so he wanted to finish stocking up the condiments that I was not going to stock up on. So we figured up what we could buy for the amount on the gift card using the prices on line for Walmart.

Good news is we actually got MORE due to in store mark downs and was able to add a turkey that was 68 cents/ lb. I also got another gal. of milk, bananas and outlet safety covers. Gift card covered it. Doing a happy dance for sure. Hubby was happy also as it was the condiments he really likes so he won't have "limit" himself so much.

 Last year we got 10 turkeys (37-48 cents/lb during the week after Thanksgiving)and 6 hams( $1.49/lbs). This year is going to be 6 turkeys and 4 hams (the most, with the least being 3 turkeys and 2 hams)as I have 20 briskets in the freezer. A friend we had helped last winter found them on clearance and bought us 5 and I cut them into 4 "roasts" each and vacuumed sealed them.I have just enough space for the turkeys and hams in the small deep freezer and then we are FULL.

I went through the paper goods and cleaning products. Neither of us can think of anything we NEED for personal items or over counter meds. We pick up stamps in Dec for the year.

At the holidays I will pick up unsalted butter, white and choc chips, marshmallows (I got a recipe to make fondant using them) and probably sugar as it will most likely be a lower price than now.

I am rewriting the basic grocery list.

I searched the internet for DIY recipes to some mixes we usually buy so I can make them myself.

Hubby figured out we spent less than $19.00 a day for both of us to restock the 4 deep freezers (all were empty when we moved) and 3/4ths of the pantry along with herbs and spices. I usually grow my own herbs but that didn't go well this year due to weather. I would like to see it closer to the $10 for both of us.

According to the USDA food costs a couple our age are spending $367.50 for a thrifty menu  up to $714.70 for liberal menu. We fall in the area of moderate. The $10 I want might be unrealistic since the thrifty plan is set at more than $12.

We will see how it goes.

Sausage gravy, biscuits, applesauce for dinner.