Sunday, June 21, 2020

Busy week ahead

Daily work of course, meals, dishes, laundry, dust mop so the dogs don't bury us in fur and gather things together for the township clean up day that is Saturday. It's for things that costs extra with your regular trash... they usually have a clean up day twice a year but they aren't sure about the fall one right now.Maintaining the gardens and harvesting what ever. Right now it's lettuce, radishes, green onions and herb... a few strawberries here and there. Township clean up is Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to be up at 5 am to leave at 6:30 to be at a doctor appt for my knee that I messed up over 4 weeks ago falling on Rascal. Hubby is taking H and B to the doctor in the opposite direction so I am driving myself. When I get home the to do list is as long as the legal notebook paper it's written on. I have some chicken salad made for lunch and some odds and ends that might be a stir fry for supper.

Tuesday it's work on what ever didn't get done on Monday. E and his older 3 boys helped Hubby move the metal frame we are using for the hoop house to where we decided to put it. I dug out some of the pots we are going to use.I need to get the cover out of the box and let it "relax" before trying to put it up on the frame. I think casserole or pasta would be good.Because with the rain and heat we are getting I know the weeds will be up in the gardens

Wednesday ... the part for the clothes washer is in so the repairman is coming Wed morning, he did offer to come late morning so I could get my laundry washed before he works on it. We measured the area we need cardboard for in the attic for air barrier... I will be breaking down card board boxes and seeing if we have enough. I think we do,, But I don't want to start using the bigger boxes for pathways in the gardens and find we needed it for the air barrier.

Thursday... We have a chiropractic appt (YEAH) first time from March and my back is definitely telling me about. I stepped AGAIN in the dip and messed up my back over the weekend. Hubby FINALLY after 2 yrs of nagging went around the property filling in holes. He also turned the compost pile since he was on the tractor. THEN after our appt all 3 dogs have appts with the vet... saves gas since the Chiro and vet are an hour away and only about 15 mins apart. Lots of shots, nails clipped (no office call charge with we get  a nail clip) and talk of Wilbur's surgery to remove growth on eye lid, Charlotte's allergies and Rascal's struggle to walk (back legs. I think he has hip dysplasia like our dog Tashy did. Right now he can get around decent on most days. He is falling on stairs so we have been letting him out on the deck which is ramped. Doesn't seem to get it that he doesn't need to go up and down the stairs since he thinks he has to follow me right now.He has gotten so he goes up or down the stairs (main living and bedroom 1st floor)with Wilbur or me. Wilbur is heavier and bigger than him so can stop him from falling far. I just sit on my butt and go down with him. If he is going up I have my hands so I can lift his back feet if needed. Today was a good day, no problems at all and even ran to chase the horses at the pond. 

Friday is focus on getting as much as possible to go to the township clean up on Saturday morning

We have an old 27 cubic chest deep freezer that got dropped and ruined when we moved here. E looked at is and said when we were to the place to move it, he would take it to use as a ice chest as it has a drain that he could attach a hose to and drain the water when his ice melts so M wouldn't have to bail it out by hand. We have some oven racks that don't work for our stove that he will get also as he can prop them up on old bricks so everything would sit above the water from melted ice. 

Hubby moved some gravel so he only has 3 and a partial left to move around.

Next project to get done is the hoop house... SO I am hoping by next week that is done.

What does your week look like?
Blessed Be