Tuesday, December 19, 2023

I think you can get the ickies through texts and phone calls (not really but still)

 Daughter 1 had to cancel back surgery. She has covid.

Daughter 2 has the virus going around (unnamed and they are giving meltable puke med and steroids for it)on top of her hot flashes and night sweats.

Son 1 has a nasty cold, only a cold as he went to the doctor for it before it became a sinus infection (his go to icky yearly).

Son 2 caught a head cold and then the virus and then food poisoning (again). I told him to quit eating out. 

Daughter 3 got a head cold that went into a sinus infection that triggered her migraines.

Daughter 4 got the virus, passed out and hit her head so now has a concussion on top of it. THEN got noticed that her landlord was sued by city for not fixing the spouting and a couple other things(like furnace) that she offered to fix if he would let her take it off her rent... Now it's they are going to condemn the house if he doesn't fix it. She has 6 rescue dogs that are parents and children, 3 have serious medical issues from being abused and eating dry wall to stay alive, trying to find a place it going to be hard because she is sure he is NOT going to fix it. She tried to buy it from him 2 yrs ago when her job was steady. ( She did not listen when we told her to buy something else as the house is perfect for her just needs upkeep) She needs 4 more months at where she is to qualify for a mortgage.  She has been splitting household bills and gas with her son who is an adult but moved in with her when he lost hours at work. He is working full time, her hours float. He was bragging he got his car payments caught up and paid ahead... he forgot to keep gas money until the next pay check and it was his turn to do that and since he didn't say something before paying ahead, Daughter 4 spent her  money of fuel for heat. They use kerosene as the furnace died two years ago. I lent HIM the money and I am charging him the interest I am losing on the money and gave him 2 months to pay me back. Bet he doesn't do that again as he hates paying interest especially to old people as he called me to his other grandmother who is 5 yrs older than me. I would have loved to hear that blast he got from her LOL.

THEN I got sick... I pretty sure they gave it to me through texts and phone calls as I have not been around any of them. LOL.

I thought covid or RSV as the widow on the south side of us had been over and then came down with RSV and her daughter has covid. Nope. I got the virus with no name.

Since I could not keep my heart meds down, Doc gave me meltable Zofran and prednisone. IF that doesn't kick it down, it is definitely in the hospital since he is not willing for me to spend the winter sick. Spinach is one of my go to when I am sick but that is on recall here. There was no ginger at the store but I found ginger tea another go to for me. I also put ginger and ginger tea on my stock list. I need horseradish. Ours died this year. I didn't think to find someone growing it. I know if I eat it regularly I don't get head colds and that seems to be going around also. 

I took the Zofran, it tastes like crap for such a little pill. It definitely kicked down the throwing up, not even nausea, that was great... being awake because of the prednisone was not. I forgot it did that, probably was good for Hubby as I fed the stove. Doesn't matter where you are in this house, you will hear the stove being fed.  I will take that at lunch time so I get the "stay awake" done during the day. 

I went back over our budget...forgot to include school taxes and tax preparer.

Hubby wants 4 eat out/or take out meals a month. I told him I would see, it would be coming out of grocery money (that is usually where I take it anyways). He offered to pay for it out of his spending money that he earns doing odd jobs about twice a month that comes under hobby on taxes. He still keeps track of it as if it was business. You never know when the IRS is going to change something. 

I am looking at CD's for savings. I like Ally's no penalty CD's for the might need before 11 months. Then I float between the others. I put the medical deductible and out of pocket in the money market. We have to pay by check for the dentist and our primary. Neither one accepts credit cards. For what we pay with credit card, I just transfer that amount to our joint checking when the bill comes in. It's nice to earn some interest on it.

Hubby will now get a RRA to help pay medical since he is on Medicare. I told him that when that comes in to cover a bill , its getting divided between mortgage and savings as we didn't count on it as the company was looking at ending it. 

He saved 85 ¢ per gallon on diesel last night at Kroger's. I told him that savings goes in to mortgage and savings. I loved the look of WHAT on his face. 

We were going to go to chiro this morning, canceled because of me being sick, we were also going to the store for things we need, he might go to Walmart here (Kroger's closed) as I know Save A Lot does not carry it. Plus he has to go pick up the prime rib this afternoon. I will put the money we would have paid to chiro in savings for mortgage and savings since we won't go until Jan now.

E is going to put his horses in our pasture he rents from us to eat the fodder (corn stalks), asked if he could because he will have to put up barb wire fence that connects to our fence, we will put up the solar hot wire so the horses will stay off our fence. BUT Hubby took down two of the gates so they need to go back up and he needs to move the wood he just dump there so he can finish cutting it as there is no way to cut it with the horses. He said as soon as he dumped it, he remembered E was going to put the horses there and thought that just added more work. I told him he could just finish cutting it and get it done as it will be about a week before E moves the horses. But he thinks he is moving it closer to the barn so he can cut in the barn when it's raining and he has nothing else to do.  

I really hope you all are well and doing good with very little stress. 

Prayers for peace (and sanity because I think we got some crazy ones running around)

Blessed Be