Sunday, January 27, 2019

lousy week and weekend.

The best part of this week is the Amish neighbor checked the ice in our pond. It's 4 inches of ice, 4 inches of water and then another 4 inches of ice. When the top layer is 6 inches he will allow his kids to ice skate on it. We already gave him the okay before they bought the kids new ice skates for Christmas. Plus he will cut ice blocks for his spring house when the ice gets closer to 7-8 inches. He puts a 20 ft extension ladder across the pond a rope tied to it in case anyone falls in , the way to get them out is already there. He has fell in himself and so have I so between an adult and the ladder and rope, and 6 inches of ice , it's as safe as we can make it. He walks the ice all over before his kids get on the ice also.

Hubby has been working split shifts which definitely throws a wrench in his sleep pattern and our home routines. Doesn't help he broke a wind shield wiper on his truck and now has to go back to town this afternoon to get new ones. I told him to pick up a second set.

I went to the hospital on Thursday evening thinking I had Crohn's since I had dry heaves and couldn't even keep my nausea meds down... they said it was a bug but didn't run the CT scan to rule out Crohns....well it was a bug that started it but I am definitely in the middle of a Crohn's attack. GI called to check on me and decided that since the hospital where GI is at was pretty much full with accident victims and elderly with broken bones and the roads were bad he would order meds for me to stay home and if it got bad for me to go to the local hospital fondly called band-aid station and have them page him. Hubby got meds... that tastes like CRAP. It is better than it was but no where as good as it would have been if they had kept me when I went in. Pain is at level 8 , which is down from 12 but the pain meds make me throw up that even the nausea meds won't kick down  so I can throw up and have dry heaves that triggers the hiatal hernia ... 6 one and half dozen the other... I'm sucking up the pain and keep reminding myself I have went through this all my life without pain meds and survived it. But right now the quality of my life is in the toilet.

Still I managed to clean 30 of the 56 pantry shelves, figured since walking during attack (besides running to the bathroom) is encouraged that I would be productive without straining anything.

I also when not feeling up to even walking down to the pantry worked on the layout of the gardens... good thing I did it on paper because it would have been a major screw up in the gardens. Not only did I not focus on tomatoes being determinate or indeterminate, I didn't note harvest times... having 4 different types of tomatoes coming on at once is NOT good. The beans weren't as bad, but added to the tomatoes would have overwhelmed me and triggered a Crohn's attack.

Hubby went to the store, neighbor needed rock salt to make ice cream, kerosene  for lights and gas for the motor(lawnmower motor) to shell corn for the 100 calves they just got in. We needed gas for the generator, fuel for the truck, milk, 1 qrt of half and half, 1 lg container of large curd cottage cheese and 4 cans of Campbell's chicken and noodles or chicken and stars soups... please note the sizes and the brand name I used because as much as I  rely on Hubby I am not sure I will let him to go the store with even a WRITTEN NOTE. He got the milk and the cottage cheese right... but brought home 1/2 gallon of half and half (custard is on the menu a lot this week which I am not up to eating yet) AND Great Value chicken noodle soup which is one of the brands I can not eat.SO I am now down to bouillon and ramen noodles broken up... stars and alphabet pasta are now on the list, as I have already wiped out my broth supply and am not up to dealing roasting anything to make broth. I have tomato soup, can make homemade tomato soup but having it 4 times a day gets too weary of a meal.  Thankful as I am to have food in the pantry, I need to add SICK food to the pantry. LOL

How was your week?