Saturday, December 13, 2014

YES I am alive....I think...let me ask myself again

Oh yeah it's been that type of fall....

I have several Crohn attacks...but remained OUT of the hospital (praising all in the heavens for that ).

THEN messed my back up and thought here I go again with the pain clinic but my massage therapist got me straightened back up and able to walk without pain again. Pain clinic put off YEAH.

I have filled the pantry and then some...still have to deal with pumpkins and some apples...just got oranges in also.Am working on a menu to use up what is in the pantry so nothing goes to waste.

Been battling field mice with the cold that came in...I won but they did get into the tomatoes I was ripening DARN CRITTERS.

Put 8 turkeys and 6 hams in the freezer...and one pork loin.

Ordered 12 bones of prime rib for our Christmas Eve dinner(Hubby's favorite gift) and will cut it up BEFORE cooking  so we have some in the freezer for our anniversary in Feb.

Am watching the sales for pork roasts, ribs,pork loins and kraut. Will call our local store to see what 50 lbs of potatoes are running. We go through about 30-40 lbs a month.Our one store is offering meat packages...the one is really really good for us as it has roasts for half the price as the big stores. I will be ordering it also in the next couple weeks...after the bills are paid and Christmas is bought.

I have half of Christmas bought and wrapped...will finish the rest before the 20th and have the cookies and candy done by then also. LONG days this week.

I bought a large calendar for menus only. I use calendar for everything else but I wanted one for the kitchen and the menu only. I wanted to list the entree, sides and dessert if having one. I hope it will keep me on task of using what is in the pantry and let me lower the grocery bills so I can start focusing on what to plant in the garden.

This year we have a daughter getting married and she wants me to grow must if not all of the flowers that she needs...I suck at growing flowers so I hope the heavens look about these flowers and bless them for her wedding and ignore my flower black thumb, hand, arm ...body LOL

The house is decorated mostly for Christmas. I have lights on the tree in the front room but not the decorations yet. The rest of the home is pretty much done.

Hope everyone is keeping in mind what the season means of their faith.

Blessed be